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Oracle Spatial and Graph

Oracle Locator is a database feature for Standard Edition One, Standard Edition, and Enterprise Edition, and is included in the database download.

Oracle Spatial and Graph is a database option for Enterprise Edition, and is included in the database download.

Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer

Oracle Fusion Middleware MapViewer Software Downloads

Oracle Java Shapefile Converter Updated 27-October-2011

Oracle's Shapefile Converter converts ESRI Shapefiles to and loads them into Oracle tables, including an SDO_GEOMETRY column. This converter works with Oracle 10g and higher. The jar files listed here are from the Oracle DB release. If any other version of the files are required, please copy them from the corresponding DB install from the $ORACLE_HOME/md/jlib directory.

View/Download the readme file for Oracle Jave Shapefile Converter

 Download the Oracle Java Shapefile Converter

Oracle Spatial Java Class Library Updated September 2016

The Oracle Spatial Java Library enables applications written in Java to access and process geometry objects managed in Oracle Database with Oracle Spatial.  The library's geometry interface hierarchy extends the OpenGIS Consortium simple feature geometry model by handling nonlinear as well as linear geometry objects.

 Download the The Oracle Spatial Java Class Library for Oracle Database Release

Oracle Live SQL

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