Utilities Data Model

As utilities worldwide transform their business models through the investment of smart grid and other technologies, the ability to collect, store and analyze detailed customer and operational data becomes a critical competitive differentiator.

Oracle Utilities Data Model (OUDM) is a pre-built, standards-based data warehouse solution designed and optimized for Oracle database and hardware. OUDM can be used in any applications environment and is easily extensible. OUDM enables utilities to establish a foundation for business and operational analytics across the enterprise, allowing users to leverage a common analytics infrastructure and pre-defined cross-domain relationships, which drive unprecedented levels of intelligence and discovery. With it, utilities can jump-start the design and implementation of enterprise information management strategies quickly to achieve a positive return on investment (ROI).

Enable Cross-Functional Business Intelligence

    With the Oracle Utilities Data Model, utilities can more easily organize and analyze big data being captured by sensors and meters in the field in conjunction with pre-existing enterprise application data. Rapidly analyzing new sources of data alongside enterprise data can help drive improved remote performance monitoring, real-time network optimization, enhanced customer services, geo-spatial visibility, and automated remediation. Using the Oracle Utilities Data Model, utilities can quickly gather insights to achieve new levels of operational efficiency and customer service.

Deliver Industry-Specific Actionable Intelligence

    Combining pre-built dimensional models, data mining models, online analytical processing (OLAP) models, and BI dashboards, utility companies can accelerate the design and implementation of a data warehouse to quickly achieve a positive ROI for a variety of data management and business analytics projects.

    Can build your data warehouse from virtually any point, and rapidly implement wherever your opportunities are greatest, without contributing to additional data "silo" problems.

Accelerate Your Data Warehouse Deployment

    The Oracle Utilities Data Model solution can save utilities from investing hundreds of person-months building a data warehouse from scratch. By using a pre-built solution, utilities can focus on their unique requirements and gain significant benefits. The normalized data model serves as a detailed and structured representation of the business, providing an integrated base for business information with fully defined entities and relationships. Based on Oracle's leading data warehousing technology, the Oracle Utilities Data Model ensures scalability and performance in the delivery of detailed transaction-level information.

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