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The download below is provided for customers under the OTN Development and Distribution License Agreement. Current customers should download their software via our Oracle Software Delivery Cloud, which offers different license terms.

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Oracle ADF Essentials Download

This is a download of the Oracle ADF Essentials libraries needed for deployment on a GlassFish Server. For setup instructions see the Oracle ADF Administration Guide.
Oracle ADF Essentials is a free packaging of key technologies from the Oracle Application Development Framework that can be used to develop and deploy applications without licensing costs. For more information see the Oracle ADF Essentials home page.
For more information on the components provided with Oracle ADF Essentials, review the components page.
Oracle ADF Essentials Client Files Download

This is a download of additional Oracle ADF Essentials libraries that Oracle JDeveloper adds to the application's EAR packaging. You only need these files if you are packaging your Oracle ADF Essentials application through a different IDE or procedure.