ADF Components 

This table lists the ADF components included in two separate offerings on Oracle Technology Network: JDeveloper and ADF Essentials.  JDeveloper and ADF Essentials are separate downloads subject to separate Oracle license agreements.

Component Included in
Included in
ADF Essentials
ADF Faces X X
ADF Data Visualization Tools X X
ADF Controller X X
ADF Security X  
ADF Desktop Integration X  
ADF Mobile     Available only as a separate download through JDeveloper's Help > Check for Updates
ADF Mobile Browser / Trinidad X    
ADF Swing X  
ADF Struts  X   included in JDeveloper 10.1.3 and earlier only
ADF UIX X   included in JDeveloper 10.1.3 and earlier only
ADF Business Components X X
ADF Business Composer X    
ADF Model X X
ADF Share  X X
MetaData Services (MDS) X X1

Additional Information
1. MetaData Services (MDS) may only be used in read-only mode with ADF Essentials. Use of MDS for cross-session personalization or persisted customization with ADF Essentials is not permitted.