Oracle ADF Tools
  • Oracle ADF Server Extensions to configure WebLogic Server and Eclipse for ADF development
  • ADF Project Templates and Facets
  • ADF-enabled JSP Templates
  • ADF design time support
    • Web Page Editor (WPE) enhancements for ADF source development
    • Smart Property Sheet to simplify tag configuration and data binding
    • Tag Palette enabled for ADF Faces, Data Visualization Tools (DVT) components, and ADF Data Controls
    • Tag editors for drag and drop configuration of ADF tags
    • ADF Task Flow Editor
    • Data Control Editor
    • ADF Essentials
    • Generation tools for Bean and EJB Data Controls
    • Page Definition Editor for ADF Bindings
  • ADF Lifecycle Debugging
  • AppXRay content assist, validation, and navigation for ADF Faces tags, ADF Controller, and ADF Model
  • AppXRay-driven refactoring for ADF artifacts
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