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The power of desktop integration delivered out of the box, on the Web!

Where can I download WebUtil?
Oracle WebUtil is included with all Oracle Forms 11g and newer installations.  
(May require a third party library, "JACOB".  Refer to the Forms documentation for more information about JACOB and which version is needed for the Forms version you are using.)
The Goals of WebUtil?
WebUtil had an overriding goal to produce a utility that any Forms developer could use to carry out the complex tasks on the end-user machines by simply coding PL/SQL. With WebUtil, everything the programmer needs to do is exposed through a PL/SQL library.
What is WebUtil?
WebUtil provides a simple way to achieve client side integration while running Oracle Forms from a web application server like WebLogic. It simplifies the upgrading of older client/server applications to web deployment, and enhances the capabilities of web based Oracle Forms applications.
 Webutil Demo
You can download a demo application which illustrates some of the features in WebUtil.  This demo can be run in Oracle Forms 11g or newer.

WebUtil Features
 Text_IO  File transfer
  Read and write text files on the client machine.   Move from between the client, application server and database.
 Tool_Env  File Manipulation
  Read client side variables   Manipulate client side files.
 C API on the client  Client machine information
  Interface with client side C.   Read information from the client machine
  Run Host commands on the client machine   Read and write client side images
 OLE2  Get_File_Name
  Integrate with client side OLE (e.g. Word and Excel)   Use a file selection dialog on the client machine
 Enhanced Host commands  D2KWUtil features
  Host command can now call back into Forms!   Client side interface into the D2KWUtil package.
 Browser functions   And much more...
  Integrate with the browser.    

Refer to the Oracle Forms Builder Help for more details