Oracle Help for Java Production Release
(Requires JavaSE 5 or higher)
Date of Release : 7/1/2009


Changes In This Release

Oracle Help 5.0 is a new major release that contains significant changes.

  • Changed Jar Names

    Beware that the Oracle Help Jar file names have changed in Oracle Help 5.0. The Files Included in this Release section provides an overview of the new OHJ file names.

  • Enhanced Full Text Search

    This release includes a new version of the Oracle Help Full Text Search indexer that adds word position information into the IDX files.

    All Oracle Help 5.0 products have been updated to make use of this new position information to support exact phrase searches and to improve the result ranking mechanism (giving more points if the search terms are found near to each other). The improved result ranking is in effect for all types of searches. To search for an exact phrase, place the phrase in double quotes ("an exact phrase search").

    Oracle Help 5.0 products can read IDX files created with previous versions of the Oracle Help Indexer (they are simply searched as they were before), and you can mix and match old and new IDX files if necessary. What you cannot do, is try to use an IDX file created with the new indexer, with a previous OHJ/OHW release. Attempting to do so will cause a SearchException to be logged stating that the IDX version is not supported.

  • Updated ICE Browser with limited Javascript support

    OHJ 5.0 includes a new version of the Oracle-modified ICE Browser (6.1.3). In addition to many bug fixes, this version includes limited support for executing javascript in your HTML help topics.

  • High Contrast Mode

    OHJ 5.0 now supports detecting high contrast mode on Windows systems and honors the user's selected high contrast color scheme.

Dependency Information

This release is distributed with Oracle's modified version of ICESoft's ICE Browser 6.1.3. Although OHJ has a pluggable HTML architecture, the ICE Browser is the default html component used by OHJ and no other browsers are currently recommended.

Sun Microsystems Java SE 5.0 or higher is required to use OHJ 5.0. Java SE 6.0 is recommended.

Installing OHJ and Running the Demos

  1. Unzip the OHJ installation .zip file into a directory of your choice
  2. Ensure that you have the JAVA_HOME environment variable set to the location of your compatible Java SE installation
  3. In the OHJ installation directory, there is a bin subdirectory containing Windows .cmd files and Unix/Linux shell scripts. On Windows platforms, double click on the .cmd files to launch them (or type the .cmd file name on the command line). On Unix platforms, type "sh" to execute the shell scripts.
    • ohguide.cmd ( - launches the Oracle Help Guide documentation
    • choiceDemo.cmd ( - launches a demo of Oracle Help features
    • cshDemo.cmd ( - launches a demo of context sensitive help
    • helpsetDemo.cmd ( - launches the Helpset Previewer for testing your helpsets
    • authoringWizard.cmd (authoringWizard.bat) - launches the Helpset Authoring Wizard
  4. Optionally, on Windows platforms, you may wish to add the OHJ registry entries that tell Help Authoring Tools where to find the Oracle Help for Java installation.
    • Locate the ohj-windows-registry.reg file in the bin subdirectory of your OHJ installation
    • Edit the file to replace all instances of the OHJ_DIR placeholder with the full path to your OHJ installation
    • Save the file and double click on the file to execute it.
    • We hope to automate this process in a future release

Files Included in this Release

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