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There are a number of public facing ADF sites. To see what Oracle customers have created with the Application Development Framework, please visit the Customers Public ADF Sites.

Customer Success Stories

"Developing with Oracle ADF Essentials simplified our application development eliminating most of the manual JavaScript coding and cutting 50% of the Java code used in our older system. This resulted in increased application performance, easier maintainability and richer user interface."
- Paco van der Linden, AMIS Services. Customer Case Study.

"Upgrading to the latest Oracle Forms allowed us to integrate with Oracle ADF which not only improved and optimized our application but additionally provided our customers with an intuitive User-Interface through the use of Oracle ADF Rich Client Components."
- Kutumba Rao Hanumolu, MS, PMP - Principal Supervisor - ITS DTE Energy. Customer Case Study.
"Oracle ADF was the closest match to our Oracle forms system and allowed us to re-use our existing business rules in the most efficient manner. Oracle ADF has set us on the right road for our modernization project and provides a path to SOA/BPM and Mobile development."
- Orlando Kelly, Development Manager at AMEC. Customer Case Study.
"Oracle ADF provided PCS with the Java EE technology to rapidly develop a feature-rich Wealth Management platform, with an unparalleled User Interface, a true Account-Officer Cockpit with shallow navigation and one-click access to informed decisions on private/personal banking customers' investment strategies. Oracle ADF is perfectly aligned with our software engineering methodology and the gorgeous ADF Faces Components were a key technology in the creation of the Wealth Management Functionality, eliminating the need for third-party Spreadsheets, Analytics and Reporting Tools."
- Vangelis Ghiossis, CTO at PCS S.A. Customer Case Study.
"Oracle ADF has allowed us to rapidly develop a rich and compelling User Interface that is so intuitive to our hotel enterprise employees that very little training was required."
- Boro Petrovic, Chief Technology Officer, Micros. Customer Case Study, Micros Systems Develops Intuitive Interface and Improves Functionality of Hospitality and Retail Applications, Oracle Partner Story.
"Built on the Enterprise Java platform, Oracle ADF provides a comprehensive framework of objects for developing web and mobile applications. Standardizing the Build environment has helped Schneider streamline the development process, improving productivity, quality, and software re-use."
- Schneider. Customer Case Study.
"The combination of Oracle Application Development Framework, Oracle WebCenter content management solutions, and Redstone Content Solutions’ expertise enabled us to elevate customer service to new levels, while improving operational efficiency. We’ve cut invoicing costs by more than US$350,000 annually and can provide better service to more customers, while using the same resources."
- Kevin Mishler, IT Director, Standard Forwarding LLC. Customer Case Study.
"Choosing Oracle allowed us to offer better financing services to our customers in a competitive market. The ability to deliver a robust, end-to-end solution while reusing Oracle Application Development Framework modules was a significant benefit, reducing development costs by up to 30% and the total cost of ownership by 30% to 40%."
- R. Krishnamurthy, Group Manager, Projects, Sundaram Infotech Solutions.
"Switching to Oracle ADF, our software production quality has significantly increased while our development lifecycle was shortened."
-Ali Durmus - CEO and Aslan Dogan - VP Strategy & Business Development, Etiya Bilgi Teknolojileri,
Customer Case Study. 2011 Oracle Fusion Middleware Innovation Award Winner within Oracle Application Development Framework (Fusion Development).
"Callista Upgrades to Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g. Callista Upgrades to Oracle Forms 11g and looks to Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF), ADF Mobile and WebLogic Server 11g to future-proof with a modern Web platform."
- Evan Vicary, General Manager of Technology and Research, Callista. Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Video, Callista Migrates To Application Development Framework 11g, Callista Gains Productivity Benefits from Oracle ADF New Features. Callista software services improves client satisfaction with student management systems through advanced, user-friendly features and forms - Snapshot.


Jurlique extends use of Oracle SOA Suite to include Oracle Application Development Framework for wholesale ordering, and looks to adopt Business Activity Monitoring, Enterprise Repository and Application Integration Architecture.
-Wojciech Peretko, Chief Technology Officer, Jurlique. 
Jurlique Streamlines Wholesale Order Process with ADF. Jurlique automates online ordering and completes skincare product transactions 50% faster during peak periods - Snapshot.


Sensis is excited by the new streamlined Fusion Middleware 11g architecture - single JDeveloper IDE across solution, design and delivery for XSD, WSDL, and UML, and unified business process management.
-Ian Hendry, Integration Domain Architect, Sensis. 
Sensis Streamlines Development with Fusion Middleware 11g.
"MedNet International Ltd Doubles Revenue Growth and Cuts Development Costs by 20%. Oracle Application Development Framework has enabled us to build a next-generation healthcare insurance management solution that improves customer service while lowering overhead for insurers, third party administrators, and managed care organizations of all sizes in all regions, worldwide."
-Gerry Raftopoulos, General Manager, MedNet International Ltd. 
Oracle Press Release, July 2011Customer Case Study - June 2010. Oracle JDeveloper/Oracle ADF 11g Production Project Experience - Andrejus Baranovskis, CEO, Red Samurai Consulting Oracle OpenWorld 2010 Presentation
"Oracle ADF maps to Oracle Forms concepts in numerous instances including declarative validation, declarative list-of-values, built in events, and SQL Queries to name a few, thus, providing Oracle Forms developers with a clear path to migrate their skills to a JEE Framework. This makes Oracle ADF the natural choice for our customers when redeveloping their Forms applications."
- Andrejus Baranovskis, CEO, Red Samurai Consulting Success Story
"At Premium Wine Brands a service-based approach simplifies our application integration, whether it's internal or external, customer or supplier, mobile or tablet. It is the reuse [of services] we take advantage of that will realize a quality in our information governance."
- Ryan Klose, CIO, Premium Wine Brands Pty Ltd. Success Story, Media Release, SOA Video
"Oracle Application Development Framework has laid the foundation for the development of next generation mobile services in our company. Thanks to the cross-platform capabilities of the Oracle Application Development Framework, we can completed the 6-month project within three months."
- Seong Woo Cho, CIO, Meritz Financial Group and CEO, Meritz Financial Information Services. Success Story, Media Release
"For the traditional forms developers, having to learn Java is synonymous with moving backwards from a 4GL to a 3GL tool. With Oracle's ADF, the Java learning curve is reduced as you work with an intelligent java based framework. As your ADF knowledge rapidly increases, so does your understanding of the Java language."
- Jean-Mark Desvaux, Head of IS - General Construction Co. Ltd
Success Story, General Construction Uses Web-Based Resources to Develop and Deliver Applications to Construction Sites
"With no staff expertise in Oracle ADF or JDeveloper, we had qualms when we settled on this set of tools for developing our Scholarship system. We did hit a few bumps in the road, but our overall experience with Oracle products has been very positive. Our customers were impressed early on with the professional look and feel of the user interface using ADF Faces. Our technical team was impressed with the robustness of the ADF Framework and JDeveloper. The drag-and-drop development environment minimized the amount of coding our programmers needed to do for the user interface, allowing them to put most of their effort on implementing the business needs of our customers."
- Karen Gunderson, Technical Project Lead, CSA Project, UW-Madison
Success Story
"Today, thanks to Oracle technology, the stipend process is done 100% online and in real-time. Oracle SOA Suite provides the technology to tie various process steps and technologies involved together into a cohesive architecture."
- Asif Hafiz, Director, Enterprise Applications Development and Operations, The George Washington University
Success Story
"Team Productivity Center provides a unified development environment and a rich experience, allowing developers to interact with each other. Project Managers can easily track task progress. ALM becomes more interactive in terms of development decrees."
- José A. Resto, Technology Partners, Inc.
Success Story

Government of Western Australia - Department of Treasury and Finance

"With our core systems historically based upon an Oracle Database and Oracle Forms & Reports, we are confident that Oracle JDeveloper & the Application Development Framework (ADF) is the appropriate choice for new development and systems modernization. The platform will enable us to progressively move core functionality from Forms & Reports to a contemporary JEE ADF application aligned with current Business requirements."
-David Moreton, Project Manager - Application Development, Revenue Systems Modernization, Department of Treasury and Finance, Western Australia
Success Story
"By choosing the ADF 11g framework and JDeveloper, AXI was able to fully focus on the development of its new case management solution, instead of focusing on the underlying technology."
-Gert Leenders, Product Manager Case Management, AXI
Success Story
"By choosing Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, we were able to focus on developing our product, not the underlying technology, resulting in 27% shorter time to market."
-Jernej Kase, CEO, K-Invent software solutions
Success Story
"Oracle JDeveloper is the most powerful IDE for SOA development and Oracle Fusion Middleware is definitely the easiest way to migrate to an extensible integration platform."
-Dheeraj Bhushan, SOA & e-commerce team lead Oracle Press Release
"Over the past few years, we have seen an explosion in available toolkits and frameworks for a rich user interface. As these frameworks have been integrated into enterprise applications, a set of best practices and design patterns is beginning to emerge. With careful consideration and planning up front the concept of a rich UI can take the power of SOA and place it in the hands of the end user."
-Jennifer Briscoe, VP & CTO at Square TwoFinancial
Success Story . Oracle Press Release.  Square Two Financial chooses Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g over open source .

City of The Hague

"The surveillance teams of the City of the Hague's Department of City Management work hard to improve the livability of the city. They do this seven days a week in three shifts. Redora's standard solution, based on Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Database technology, enables surveillance teams to process tickets issued much more efficiently and accurately using mobile handheld computer devices. What's more, the entire back office is now very transparent and well-organized."
-Martijn J. Peltenburg, Operations Coordinator for the Division of Livability and Surveillance, Department of City Management, City of The Hague
Success Story .
"Oracle's Application Development Framework (ADF 11g) enabled us to rapidly develop our application with a rich toolset that was provided with Oracle's JDeveloper 11g IDE."
-Dean Gori, IT Manager, Pardee Homes
. Building Agile Applications using Fusion Development and Oracle Enterprise Architecture Principles.
"We were able to implement a solution based on Hyatt's requirements of a centralized Web based solution with only a 3 month lead time to production."
-John Stegeman, Cambridge Solutions
Success Story
"Oracle technology provides a no-pain-all-gain innovation path to its customers, letting them profit from new technology while leveraging and extending the life of their existing IT investments." -O2U Success Story.
"The key advantages that ADF afforded us was the ability to not only produce richer more attractive user interfaces but also to be able to reuse core validation and business logic from within the business services layer across different channels."
-Steven Price, Griffiths Waite
Success Story.
"We needed a technology that seamlessly integrates with the database tier and could support an initial 100 plus users, which for CERN has been for more than 20 years the Oracle RDBMS. It is for this reason, coupled with the speed of development that we decided to use ADF Business Components."
-Maciej Peryt, CERN
Success Story. CERN Innovates with Oracle Developer Suite.
"We choose Oracle JDeveloper because it provides a simple object table mapping to Oracle Database and a mature framework for declarative development of business logic layer and data binding. We were able to develop the application without writing a lot of code."
-Branislav Nemec, Lead Developer, National Forest Center
Success Story. Develop with Choice.
"Thanks to Sogeti and Oracle we were able to build the Meter Data Register and deliver this according to plan. This meter register offers energy suppliers access to energy usage data so that they can better serve their customers."
-Willem Jan Zwart, Director, Energie Data Services Nederland
Success Story.
"ADF Data Binding eliminated the need for custom data retrieval and data persistence code. In addition, it helped make the application faster and better structured. Business logic was kept inside ADF BCs so that the application was cleanly separated into Model and View projects."
-Makrand Pare, Senior Developer,
Success Story.
"With JDeveloper and ADF, we've been able to deliver a rich, robust Web application in less than 90 days."
-Liette Labrie, Senior Director System Development, La Capitale General Insurance
Success Story
"After having looked at different frameworks, ACCA found that Oracle ADF was the closest fit to their current skill set. It holds similar concepts as they were used to using Oracle Forms (e.g. Business Components, JSF). With this they could move to a J2EE environment and still make use of their trusted design principles."
-The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Success Story.


"We made the decision to go into J2EE and adopt that acrchitecture and we were overwhelmed by the specification itself. Our developers knew nothing about Java. We chose the ADF Framework because of what it offered in terms of simplyfying development."
-Les Morton, Web Services & Order Management, Associated Wholesalers Inc.
"Oracle was the natural choice for us. It didn't take long to find that its application development framework mapped to our needs nicely."
-Wilfred van der Deijl, System Architect, Eurotransplant International Foundation Success Story.
"JDeveloper and the ADF Framework still proves itself time and time again as being a framework that really boosts productivity to the max."
-logicaCMG Javapolis - RADRace.

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