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This page contains technical papers and how-to instructions for specific areas of Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF. New how-to's will appear on a regular basis. Also remember to check JDeveloper's online help and search the Web for more how-to's that might be published on blogs.

Oracle ADF

 Back-end to the Future: Using your Existing Oracle ADF Applications as a Pillar of your Mobile Strategy (White Paper) - December 2013
 Oracle ADF Code Corner - A collection of Oracle ADF code samples
 Data Sheet: Oracle Application Testing Suite Testing Accelerators for Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF)
 Installing JDeveloper on a Mac May 2012
 ADF Design Fundamentals: Using JavaScript in ADF Faces Rich Client Applications January 2011
 JavaServer Faces 2.0 Overview and Adoption Roadmap in Oracle ADF Faces and Oracle JDeveloper 11g November 2010
 Migrating Oracle Forms to Fusion: Myth or Magic Bullet? August 2010
Building Customizable Oracle ADF Applications with Oracle MDS June 2010
Build Rich ADF User Interfaces for Enterprise Java Beans July 2010
Developing Oracle ADF Applications for the BlackBerry Smartphone May 2010
ADF Task Flow Design Fundamentals May 2010
Oracle ADF 11g Desktop Integration Security Whitepaper February 2010
How To Develop with ADF Business Components For Multiple Databases February 2010
Developing For Mobile Devices With Oracle ADF October 2009
Integrating Help with your ADF Applications September 2009
Introduction to Groovy Support in JDeveloper and Oracle ADF 11g March 2009
 Migrating the 10.1.3 SRDemo Sample to JDeveloper / ADF 11g Oct 2008
 Simplified ADF 11g Application Credential and Policy Migration to Standalone WebLogic Servers Oct 2008
Oracle ADF Desktop Integration Localization July 2009
Extending a Helping Hand - Add custom features to improve team productivity April 2009
 Redeveloping an Oracle Forms Application using Oracle JDeveloper 11g and Oracle ADF 11g Oct 2008
 Using the ADF URL Data Control to Read RSS Feeds Jul 2008
 Oracle ADF 11g Primer Apr 2007
 Business Rules in Oracle ADF Business Components Aug 2007

ADF Faces

ADF Faces Layout Basics November 2009
Working with ADF Auto Suggest Behavior Operation November 2009
Working with ADF Faces Calendar Component July 2009
Implementing Auto Suggest Functionality in ADF Faces Rich Client April 2009
 Layout Best Practices Aug 2008
 Master-Detail-MoreDetail Functional Pattern Jul 2008
 Enable Disable Functional Pattern Jul 2008

Team Development How-To's

Managing ADF Development Across Multiple Applications with Subversion April 2009
 Team Development Using Subversion - Best Practices May 2008

Other Topics

 Database Design Using JDeveloper - Part 1: Reproduced with the permission of ODTUG Technical Journal September 2011
 Database Design Using JDeveloper - Part 2: Reproduced with the permission of ODTUG Technical Journal September 2011
 Techniques for Testing Performance/Scalability and Stress-Testing ADF Applications April 2011
 Creating & Configuring a WebLogic Managed Server for ADF 11g March 2011
 Working With Maven Projects in Oracle JDeveloper 11g June 2011
 Creating Oracle Coherence Caches in Oracle JDeveloper Apr 2008
 From Apache Beehive to Oracle ADF Sep 2008
 Oracle ADF for Apache Beehive Developers Part I: The View and Controller Apr 2009
 Oracle JDeveloper and Weblogic Workshop Interoperability Jul 2008


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