Frequently Asked Questions

How does Oracle9i JDeveloper help developers build J2EE applications?
Oracle9i JDeveloper provides extensive productivity tools for core Java development including visual editors for J2EE components, code insight for Java, JSP, XML and HTML code, local and remote debugging, UML modeling for EJB and Web services, code analysis and performance tuning and many other productivity features for Java developers. Learn more in the Oracle9i JDeveloper Overview .
Do the applications built with Oracle9i JDeveloper work in any J2EE application server and database environment?
Yes. Oracle9i JDeveloper builds standards based applications that run on any J2EE certified application server and any SQL92 certified database. For the middle tier, specific features and documentation have been added to support BEA WebLogic, JBoss and IBM WebSphere. For the database tier, Oracle, DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server are tested by the development teams and any database with standard JDBC drivers will integrate seamlessly.
Does Oracle9i JDeveloper work with BEA WebLogic?
Yes. The current release has a BEA WebLogic connection manager that provides one-click deployment to BEA WebLogic from within Oracle9i JDeveloper.
Does Oracle9i JDeveloper work with Macromedia UltraDev?
Yes. The current release has an extension for Macromedia UltraDev. Editing HTML and Java Server Pages with UltraDev simultaneously updates the Oracle9i JDeveloper code letting developers remain in synch between the two tools. The upcoming release of Oracle9i JDeveloper has a generic 3rd party tool manager enables developers to invoke any 3rd party editor or tool with parameters specific to individual tools.

Does Oracle9i JDeveloper work with Oracle9iAS TopLink?
Yes. Today Oracle9i JDeveloper can build Java applications that take advantage of the Oracle9iAS TopLink framework. The Oracle9i JDeveloper team is also developing an extension that will enable developers to invoke the Oracle9iAS TopLink Workbench environment from within Oracle9i JDeveloper. This will be made available on the Oracle9i JDeveloper Extensions Exchange .


Does Oracle9i JDeveloper integrate with other Java tools and utilities?
Yes. In addition to application server and database integration, extensive effort has been made to integrate the Oracle9i JDeveloper with third party products, open source tools and popular frameworks. Out-of-the-box integration includes BEA WebLogic, Apache Ant, Apache Struts, CVS and Rational Clearcase. Through a community based program around an open extension SDK, a large number of third party extensions have also been created to work with Oracle9i JDeveloper. Oracle has gone as far to show how developers can use the open source community itself to contribute back to open source projects in a how-to for Oracle9i JDeveloper and .


Is Oracle9i JDeveloper up-to-date with the latest Java, XML and Web service standards?
Yes. Currently Oracle9i JDeveloper supports J2EE 1.2 with partial support for J2EE 1.3. In the summer of 2002, Oracle9i JDeveloper will release one of the first integrated development environments on the market to offer full J2EE 1.3 development compliance with JSP 1.2, EJB 2.0 and Servlet 2.3 support. Already, Oracle9i JDeveloper is recognized as one of the first IDE's to offer built-in Web services support. Other tools like IBM's WebSphere Studio Application Developer and SunOne Studio have yet to bring out J2EE 1.3 support. The Oracle9i JDeveloper team continues to aggressively adopt new Java, XML and Web services standards as they are ratified by standards bodies. This commitment to standards extends across the entire Oracle product line with extensive engineering participation in the Java Community Process (JCP), W3C, OASIS, Web Services Interoperability Group (WS-I) and other industry standards consortiums.

How does Oracle9i JDeveloper compare in price to Borland JBuilder and other Java IDE's?
Oracle9i JDeveloper sells for US$995. Borland JBuilder Enterprise, the comparable offering from Borland, sells for US$2,999. Even Borland's upgrade from one version to another costs US$1,899 - more than twice the one-time price for Oracle9i JDeveloper (upgrades to Oracle9i JDeveloper included as part of the annual maintenance agreement). IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer sells for US$3,132. And, SunOne Studio, sells for US$1,995. Need more information? Compare features, functionality and pricing of Oracle9i JDeveloper against other Java IDE's.

Oracle9i JDeveloper seems like a very valuable tool at a low price. Why?
Oracle has brought out a tool with more feature/functionality, better integration and deeper support of standards than any other tool on the market for one quarter to one half the price of competing products. It is also available for free download from the Oracle Technology Network for unlimited trials and testing. Oracle is committed to making Java developers successful.

Oracle9i JDeveloper is a new release. Who is using it?
Oracle9i JDeveloper has had over 260,000 downloads from the Oracle Technology Network since its release in August 2001. Oracle9i JDeveloper has significant industry momentum and continues to garner industry awards as recently as April 2002 with the JavaPro Reader's Choice Awards. An extensive customer reference list is available on complete with information about how Oracle9i JDeveloper is currently being used.
Are there any J2EE frameworks in Oracle9i JDeveloper?
Yes. Oracle9i JDeveloper contains a framework called Business components for Java, a J2EE Design Pattern framework that helps developers build high quality, high performance J2EE applications based on industry best practices. A number of presentation frameworks are also included including tight with the open source framework Apache Struts. Read Simplifying J2EE and EJB Development with BC4J for more information.

Is Oracle9i JDeveloper just a version of Borland JBuilder?
No. Oracle9i JDeveloper is a brand new Java IDE completely written by Oracle development. There is no Borland code in the current product. The previous version of JDeveloper contained licensed source code from Borland that Oracle development had extended to integrate tightly with Oracle9i Application Server and Oracle9i Database.


What if I need more than just a Java development tool?
Oracle9i JDeveloper can be purchased separately or as part of Oracle9i Developer Suite , a larger integrated suite including database design, business intelligence and enterprise reporting tools. By providing Oracle9i JDeveloper standalone, Oracle provides Java-only developers with highly cost-effective Java development. Providing it as part of a larger suite provides enterprise development organizations additional value with integrated functionality from extensive development though business intelligence - all from one vendor.

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