Oracle Mobile Application Framework 2.1.0 Release Notes

Known Issues

  Bug Number Description Platform Workaround
1. 20354117 Secured application without default login server connection definition hangs at splash screen. Both Specify a default login server connection.
2. 20353168 Application log levels may not be initialized correctly. Both None.
3. 20305539 Load more rows functionality does not work if the list view is within an AMX fragment. Both Add the list view directly to an AMX page.
4. 20300237 AMX goLink does not work on iOS simulator. iOS Test on a device rather than a simulator.
5. 20199404 Config Service crashes if an invalid URL is entered. Both Validate the entered URL before invoking the Config Service.
6. 20147418 Network connection is lost when the VPN connection is lost and restored on iOS simulator. iOS Test on a device rather than a simulator.
7. 20125711 Whitelist behavior has changed in MAF 2.1.0: Whitelist URL must not end with a wildcard '*' or slash '/'. Both Specify something like http://* rather than http://*.xyz.* or http://*
8. 20124035 Application fails to respond while using the email functionality when email is not setup on the device. iOS Setup an email account on the device.
9. 20097028 VM logging isn't written to logcat. Android To route the output in the way, stop a running emulator/device instance and then use the shell command setprop to enable the redirection of output:

$ adb shell stop
$ adb shell setprop log.redirect-stdio true
$ adb shell start

The system retains this setting until the emulator/device instance is terminated.  To use the setting on the default emulator/device instance, you can add an entry to /data/local.prop on the device.
10. 19889571 Application launched on iOS 8 prompts the user to allow notifications although the app does not use notifications. iOS None.
11. 19843912 Application hands when using the Config Service and the user navigates away from the login page to change the server URL then returns to the login page and signs in. Both In the lifecycle listener's activate method, navigate to an unsecured feature which in turn navigates to the secured feature.
12. 19673987 Calling gotoFeature within a feature's lifecycle listener may lead to the other feature being activated twice. Both Use a task flow that implements the required logic rather than implementing the logic in the lifecycle listener.
13. 19510249 File encryption API expects the password to be normalized to a 16 byte AES key. Both The steps listed below show an example of how to create a password which is normalized to 16 bytes:

String password = new String(p);
while (password.length() < 16) {
  password += password;
password = password.substring(0, 16);
String normalizedPassword = password.toCharArray();
14. 19491407 After successful login, invoking APIs through Ajax calls from a local HTML page returns 401 : Unauthorized error. Both None.
15. 18549642 If a locale-specific resource bundle does not contain a referenced key/value pair, fallback to the value defined in the default resource bundle doesn't work. Both Ensure that every referenced key/value pair is defined in all locale-specific resource bundles.
16. 17511581 JDeveloper displays a warning when including the SOAP header files due to the word 'internal' in the package name. Both Ignore the warning.
17. 20019619 Newly created 'Run Configuration' does not appear for selection until JDeveloper is restarted. Both Restart JDeveloper, or do a Save All then force a context change by selecting a different project in the application.