Getting Started with Oracle SQL Developer


Date: May 2011

Have you just downloaded SQL Developer? Do you have no idea how to start or what to do next? Not even sure of the basics of getting started with an Oracle database?
Get started here, using a combination of easy How To articles and online demonstrations, learn a few of the basics, step-by-step.
Step 1   Download the latest Oracle SQL Developer SQL Developer 3.0 is Production (March 2011)
Step 2   You have no access to an Oracle Database? Try Oracle Express Edition. The guide and tutorial below will help you get it installed and set up a user:
Step 3   Read the SQL Developer Overview
Step 4   Create a Database Connection (Demo)
Step 5   Use the SQL Worksheet to Browse and Query Data (How To...)
Step 6   Insert, Update and Delete Data (How To...)
Step 7   Create a Table (Demo)
Step 8   Run and Create Reports (How To...)
Step 9   Load, execute, and debug PL/SQL (Demo)
Step 10   Export Data and DDL (How To...)
Next Steps
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