Oracle SQL Developer

Using SQL Developer with Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service

Connecting with SQL Developer

Oracle SQL Developer can connect to Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service. Security is enforced by using an Oracle Wallet, which can be downloaded from the database service. Steps to do this and run SQL Developer are shown below.

1. Download and Run SQL Developer

  • Download SQL Developer.  

    Connections require the Java Unlimited Strength Cryptography feature. This is provided automatically via Java Development Kit (JDK) version 8 update 161 or higher.

    The Windows 64-bit distribution of SQL Developer includes an embedded JDK and requires no additional steps.

    If you are using an older version of Java, you will need to obtain the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) to connect to your Exadata Express Cloud Service. (Instructions)

  • Unzip the SQL Developer archive to the desired run time location like C:\sqldeveloper

  • Start the program by running the EXE in the main directory

2. Enable Oracle Network Connectivity and Download the Client Wallet

3. Run SQL Developer and Connect

  • Start SQL Developer

  • Create a new Connection by clicking on the new connection button in the connection panel toolbar

  • Give your connection a name, and input the Oracle Database username and password for the connection.
    Set the connection type to 'Cloud PDB'. 
    Click the Browser button to navigate to the Wallet Zip file from the previous section.
    Input the Keystore Password for your Wallet.
    Click the 'Connect' button. You will now be connected to your Exadata Express Cloud Service.


 Using Older Versions of Java 8 JDK

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