Oracle SQL Developer

New Features in Release 3.2

  • APEX Listener

    SQL Developer is is now the interface to administer the Oracle Application Express Listener. The new interface enables you to specify global settings and multiple database settings with different database connections for the Application Express Listener. The APEX Listener  supports configurations for Oracle Application Express and other deployments using Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Glassfish Server, and a standalone mode.

  • UI Enhancements

    SQL Developer provides continued enhancements to the user interface. Some enhancements include the option to drag and drop objects by table or column name onto the worksheet, improved DB Diff comparison options, GRANT statements support in  the SQL editor and DB Doc reporting improvements.

  • 12c Database Support

    This release supports 12c Database features. Customers part of the 12c Database Beta program can test the latest 12c features.

  • Bug Fixes

    Many critical and customer bugs have been fixed for this release. Review the list of bugs fixed here.