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Oracle Warehouse Builder: Feature Groups and Licensing

This page describes how Warehouse Builder is licensed and lists important links for finding more information.

Warehouse Builder Feature Groups

OWB functionality is divided into the following feature groups:

  • Basic ETL—A basic set of ETL capabilities suitable for building simple data warehouses. (Also called Core ETL. Corresponds approximately to the Warehouse Builder 10gR1 feature set.)
  • Enterprise ETL—Advanced functionality for enterprise data warehousing and data integration projects.
  • Application Adapters for OWB—Connectivity to SAP and Oracle ERP applications. (Previously called OWB Application Connectors.)

Feature Group Details and Managing Feature Usage

White Paper: OWB 11gR2 Feature Groups, Licensing and Feature Usage Management provides guidance on where each licensed feature is exposed in the OWB UI, and the Feature Usage Management tools that let you prevent inadvertent use of features beyond basic ETL.

Licensing Details

The definitive list of features included in Enterprise ETL feature set is in the Fusion Middleware 11g Licensing Guide, under the discussion of Oracle Data Integrator, Enterprise Edition.
For the latest authoritative licensing information see the Fusion Middleware 11g Licensing Guide and the current Oracle Price List.

Each Warehouse Builder feature group is licensed separately, as described in the following table:

Feature Group Required License
Basic ETL

Oracle Database SE, EE and SE/1 licenses

Enterprise ETL

Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition (ODI-EE)
Fusion Middleware price list1

Application Adapters for OWB

Application Adapters for Warehouse Builder
Fusion Middleware price list