Oracle Business Intelligence Sample Code

Unless explicitly identified as such, the sample code here is not certified or supported by Oracle; it is intended for educational or testing purposes only. 

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OBIEE Sample App brings together a broad range of integrated Oracle BI products & technologies and illustrates how they seamlessly work together. These examples include, but are not limited to: latest Oracle BI EE 11g enhanced visualizations such as spatial maps and interactive dashboards, Action Framework, BI Publisher, Scorecard and Strategy Management, Mobile style sheets, Semantic layer modeling, Multi-source federation and Integration with products such as Essbase, Oracle OLAP, ODM, TimesTen. Click here for further documentation on SampleApp.

SampleApp V107 requires OBIEE to be installed.
SampleApp_825 2011-10-19 This version of OBIEE SampleApp requires OBIEE to be installed. Click here for further documentation on SampleApp.