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The Java Software Human Interface group includes human interface designers, programmers, and usability engineers from various backgrounds such as graphic design, engineering and psychology. Our main focus is to design the graphical user interfaces for Java Software products and to evaluate them for ease of use and utility before their release.

To that end, our group becomes involved as early as possible in a product's development, contributing to its visual and functional design. As a part of this process, we encourage teams to conduct usability studies several times during the development cycle. These studies are facilitated by the usability engineers in the Java Software Usability Lab.

We need you!

We often recruit participants for our usability studies. If you are interested in signing up for a future usability study at Java Software and live in the San Francisco Bay Area (or are coming out here for a visit), please contact us. Remember to include, your name, phone number, email address, and your computer experience (we need various degrees of experience— from the computer novice to the most senior developer).

Lastly, we love hearing from you! Feel free to send us email with your HI related comments, concerns and questions. The more contact we have with our customers, the better our products will serve your needs."

For more information, send email to the
Java Software Human Interface Group

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