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Java Card 3.1

Red Triangle  JAVA CARD 3.1
Java Card 3.1 is the latest Release of the Java Card Platform Specification and Development Kit.  New features have been added to the Java Card specification, in order to unlock security use cases in Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and to facilitate the development and deployment of secure element applications :  Java Card Watch

arrow  New CAP file Format and Applet Deployment Mode
  • Applet functionality can be split into different Java packages
  • File sizes can exceed 64KB
arrow  New I/O Framework and Trusted Peripherals
  • A variety of physical layers and application protocol is supported, beyond smart card protocols (ISO 7816)
  • Logical access to device peripherals by secure element applications is facilitated
arrow  Core Platform Enhancements 
  • In addition to the Extended CAP file format, Array Views, Static Resources and Improved API extensibility all simplify the design of applications
arrow  Security Services 
  • Java Card 3.1 Security Services facilitate the implementation of critical security operations, in particular in the context of IoT Security
  • Certificate APIs, Key Derivation APIs, Monotonic Counter APIs, System Time APIs
arrow  New Cryptographic Extensions 
  • Support of the latest algorithms and operations ensures interoperable state-of-the art cryptography
  • Configurable Key Pair generation Support, Named Elliptic Curves Support, Additional Elliptic Curves, Additional AES modes (CFB & XTS), Chinese Algorithms (SM2 - SM3 - SM4)
In addition, the Java Card tools have been updated to align with the latest specification

Java Card Developer
  • The Java Card Development Kit now supports the new Java Card Platform Specification, version 3.1, and is available as two independent bundles : Java Card Development Kit Tools and Java Card Development Kit Simulator
  • The Java Card Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) is available to Java Card commercial licensees to verify compliance with the Java Card Platform specification version 3.1

Red Triangle  JAVA CARD 3.1 - RESOURCES
A variety of resource is available to learn more about the Java Card 3.1 release