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Java ME TCK Framework


A TCK is a test suite and a set of tools used to certify that an implementation of a Java technology conforms both to the applicable Java platform specifications and to the corresponding reference implementations - the end result is a Java technology that is certified as compatible. TCK test suites use the JavaTest™ harness for test execution and test suite management.

The Java ME TCK Framework is a set of JavaTest harness plug-ins that provides support for the Java™ ME platform. TCK architects use the JavaTest harness and the Java ME TCK Framework to construct TCK test suites for Java ME technologies.

While the Java ME TCK Framework was originally designed to support TCK test suites, its use is not limited to TCKs. The test suite architect may need to extend the Java ME TCK Framework with additional functionality to support custom test types or a specific platform.


Java ME TCK Framework documentation is now available.

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