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Sun Product and Services offerings in Java ME Technology allows shortened time-to-market and access to the leading expert in the Java field. Sun - as the creator of Java - offers the most mature implementations of the Java ME platform. The investments in continuous improvement in implementation quality and performance are extensive. Sun's deep engagement in the ongoing development of the platform capability and features also assures the available products from Sun will stay on the cutting edge of technology. Sun's solutions provides high-performance and feature-rich implementations within resource constraints, while reducing porting and deployment costs.

Sun offers the following Products in the space:

Sun Product Offering for Constrained Devices-based on CLDC Configuration


For small devices Sun offers a full implementation of an optimized virtual machine based on CLDC together with a set of optional packages. This solution is represented by 2 related and closely connected products:

  • the CLDC HotSpot Implementation (CLDC HI) which is a product that is compliant with the Java ME Platform CLDC specification and built for maximum performance within a resource constrained platform.
  • the Sun Java Wireless Client - which is a pre-integrated and optimized solution that enables customers to deploy mobile Java technologies with quick time-to-market and reduced cost. This product is pre-integrated and pre-tested with CLDC HI

The product can be bought either as a Standards Pack . which includes all Technology Compatibility Kits for all the included JSRs or it can be licensed as a Wireless Performance Pack License. In the Performance Pack the Sun optimized implementation of CLDC and Sun Java Wireless Client are included as described above. The Performance Pack License also includes future updates to the Sun Java Wireless Client, i.e. as new JSRs gets added to the client this will automatically be made available for the customer to use.


The next version of the Sun Java Wireless Client will include an extended set of JSRs and APIs. The picture below represents the JSRs included in the current version of the Sun Java Wireless Client.


Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) HotSpot Implementation

The Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) HotSpot Implementation is Sun's high-performance Java virtual machine for resource-constrained wireless phones and communicator-type devices. The CLDC HotSpot Implementation is the recommended virtual machine technology for new product deployments in this class of devices, and can be integrated with the Sun Java Wireless Client for a full stack solution using Java technology.

The goal of optimized implementations are to provide a high-performance, high-quality, and flexible implementation that reduces cost and time to market when porting Java ME technologies to targeted handsets.

  • High Performance - essential for responsive, interactive user experiences in applications written for the Java programming language
  • High Quality Code - Emphasis on extensive internal testing and documentation and enhances quality in terms of code design and portability
  • Flexibility - Necessary to support different devices with different processors, operating systems, and native hardware services

Sun Java Wireless Client

The Sun Java Wireless Client is an optimized implementation that focuses on performance, footprint, portability, and extensibility. The value propositions of the Sun Java Wireless Client are:

  • Simplified integration for MSA Subset (JSR 248) with well defined native porting interfaces
  • Reduced cost by allowing faster ports, and providing reusable system modules
  • Optimized performance for complete stack and footprint by selective compilation
  • Flexible to customize by providing prebuilt and replaceable modules and build infrastructure
  • Customizable phone environment through the use of adaptive user interface technology
  • Pre-tested with Java Device Test Suite

Sun Java Wireless Client version 1.1.3 today covers the following technologies:

  • Mobile Information Device Profile 2.0 (JSR 118)
  • Mobile Media APIs (JSR 135)
  • Connected Limited Device Configuration 1.1 (JSR 139)
  • Wireless Messaging APIs (JSR 205)
  • PIM & File System (JSR 75)
  • Bluetooth (JSR 82)
  • XML Parser (JSR 172)
  • Security & Trust (JSR 177)
  • 3D Graphics (JSR 184)
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (JSR 226)

Following this version of the Sun Java Wireless Client the next (version 1.1.4) will support the following additional optional JSRs:

  • Location API for J2ME (JSR 179)
  • SIP API for J2ME (JSR 180)
  • Content Handler API (JSR 211)
  • Payment API (JSR 229)
  • Advanced Multimedia Supplements (JSR 234)
  • Mobile Internationalization API (JSR 238)

Java Device Test Suite (JDTS)

The Java Device Test Suite (JDTS) simplifies quality assurance and reduces time-to-market for implementations of the Java ME Platform, by providing comprehensive tests and robust test manager to evaluate, validate, and verify the quality of implementations of the Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) and the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) on a particular device.


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Sun Product Offering for Advanced Devices-based on CDC Configuration


For Advanced Devices Sun offers the Sun Java CDC Application Management System. This product is based on the CDC HotSpot Implementation, which is Sun's optimized implementation of the virtual machine based on CDC, and pre-integrated with Optional JSRs. This product is called the CDC HotSpot Implementation.

Connected Device Configuration (CDC) HotSpot Implementation

The Connected Device Configuration (CDC) HotSpot Implementation is a fully compliant, Java virtual machine that is highly optimized for resource-constrained devices, such as consumer products and embedded devices. The CDC HotSpot Implementation combines excellent performance and reliability with a low memory footprint to meet the needs of a broad range of product scenarios.


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Specific Java ME Technology API offerings


The results from the JCP process for each of the JSRs is as described under Java Community Process a specification, a Reference Implementation (RI) and a Compatibility Test Kit (CTK). The reference implementation is not delivered as a commercial product, therefore most of the code running on devices today are products from different companies which is based on the specifications.

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Developer Tools


To facilitate and support the creation of applications for the Java ME platform Sun has invested in the development of tools for the developer community. These tools are available for download here.

Sun Java Wireless Toolkit for CLDC

The Sun Java Wireless Toolkit (WTK) is state-of-the art toolbox for developing wireless applications that are based on the Java ME platform Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) and Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP), and designed to run on cell phones, mainstream personal digital assistants, and other small mobile devices. The toolkit includes the emulation environments, performance optimization and tuning features, documentation, and examples that developers need to bring efficient and successful wireless applications to market quickly.

  Learn more about Sun Java Wireless Toolkit for CLDC

Sun Java Toolkit for CDC

The Sun Java Toolkit for CDC is a simple software development kit designed to help application developers quickly get started with developing applications for the Connected Device Configuration and Personal basis Profile Platform. As CDC is not limited to just the wireless market, and expands into other emerging markets like digital television, telematics, multi-function printers, high-end PDAs, CDC toolkit serves as a good base for aiding developers who are developing applications in these emerging markets. CDC toolkit serves as the platform emulation tool that contains an emulator, a simple toolbar for compilation and packaging, documentation, and examples to help developers get started.

  Learn more about Sun Java Toolkit for CDC

NetBeans Mobility Pack

The NetBeans Mobility represents the most comprehensive, free Java ME platform authoring solution on the market. NetBeans Mobility pack is an Integrated Developer Environment (IDE) for developing applications that can be deployed to Java technology-enabled mobile devices, with features optimized for Mobile Information Device profile (MIDP) / Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) development.

Learn more about NetBeans Mobility Pack

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NOTE: JSRs marked in orange represent component JSRs licensed by companies other than Sun. For ownership and TCK licensing information, check (Sun may license the source and binary code for these components, but not the TCKs.)

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