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Designing, deploying, and maintaining a mobile services solution based on the Java platform requires mastery of several topics. To assist and ensure secure deployment of mobile services, Sun offers a variety of services connected to the Java ME platform.

Sun Engineering Services


Sun has a team of highly skilled and experienced Java ME platform experts who has been involved in and assisting Sun customers in designing platforms for mobile data services based on Java ME. These experts are available for you to take advantage of. Depending on need and nature of the work Sun can either be part as a supporting expert to a project or take full responsibility for a program or project.

Testing Services

Java Device Test Suite
The Java Device Test Suite offers a base set of tests for mobile applications written in Java ME application environment. The Java Device Test Suite Test Service enables customers and partners to have Sun perform the tests on a specific application or platform using the Java Device Test Suite. The tests are confirmed by Sun's experts in the area and additional tests can be added upon request.
ME TCK Framework
The ME Framework is a set of JavaTest harness plug-ins that provides support for the Java ME platform. TCK architects use the JavaTest harness and the ME Framework to construct TCK test suites for Java ME technologies.
JavaTest Harness
The JavaTest harness is a general purpose, fully-featured, flexible, and configurable test harness very well suited for most types of unit testing. Originally developed as a test harness to run TCK test suites, it has since evolved into a general purpose test platform.
SigTest Tool
SigTest tool is an API conformance tool that makes it possible to easily compare the signatures of two different implementations of the same API. It verifies that all of the members are present, reports when new members are added, and checks the specified behavior of each API member.
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