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Oracle Java Embedded unlocks the value of the Internet of Things (IoT) with intelligence on connected devices. In fact, Java Technology can be found in a broad spectrum of embedded and IoT products across a diverse set of industry segments that produce anything from smart utility to parking meters, ATM’s, Smart Cards, Airplane Systems and Multi-function printers to POS terminals (just to name a few). This includes a wide variety of form factors and device footprint sizes, across a large number of hardware and OS platform configurations, Java can meet all of your embedded needs. Listed below are some of our currently licensed customers that have already taken advantage of the power of Java technology for their embedded devices. Contact us for more information about our Java Embedded products.

If your company is a Java SE or Java ME licensee and would like to share your success story please contact us.

For information on how to license Oracle Java SE Embedded technology as well as some of the conditions that apply, please see our FAQ. Third Party License Readme Files can be found here. For licensing or additional information on Oracle's Java Embedded products and technologies, contact your local Oracle Sales Office or call +1-800-633-0738. 


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