Expanded Common Keyboard Shortcuts: Java look and feel Graphics Repository



This table expands the Common Keyboard Shortcuts found on page 88 of the Java look and feel Design Guidelines.


Key Action   Key Action
Ctrl-A Select All   Alt-Left Arrow Back
Ctrl-B Bold   Alt-Right Arrow Forward
Ctrl-C Copy   Alt-Up Arrow Up
Ctrl-D     Alt-Down Arrow Down
Ctrl-E Align Center      
Ctrl-F Find   Shift-F1 Contextual Help
Ctrl-G Find Again      
Ctrl-H Replace   F1 Help
Ctrl-I Italic   Home Home
Ctrl-J Align Justify   Delete Delete
Ctrl-L Align Left      
Ctrl-N New      
Ctrl-O Open      
Ctrl-P Print      
Ctrl-R Align Right      
Ctrl-S Save      
Ctrl-U Underline      
Ctrl-V Paste      
Ctrl-W Close      
Ctrl-X Cut      
Ctrl-Y Redo      
Ctrl-Z Undo      

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Java look and feel Design Team

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