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                     A-Z (Index)         
                     Title Page (Home)         
          Part I: Overview
                     1:  The Java Look and Feel         
         Fundamentals of the Java Look and Feel
         Visual Tour of the Java Look and Feel
         MetalEdit Application
         Retirement Savings Calculator Applet
                     2:  The Java Foundation Classes         
         Java Development Kit
         Java Foundation Classes
         JDK 1.1 and the Java 2 SDK
         Support for Accessibility
         Support for Internationalization
         User Interface Components of the Java Foundation Classes
         Pluggable Look and Feel Architecture
         Example Model and Interface
         Client Properties
         Major JFC User Interface Components
         Look and Feel Options
         Java Look and Feel--the Recommended Design
         Alternative Approaches
         Supplied Designs
          Part II: Fundamental Java Application Design
                     3:  Design Considerations         
         Choosing an Application or an Applet
         Security Issues
         Placement of Applets
         Designing for Accessibility
         Benefits of Accessibility
         Accessible Design
         Planning for Internationalization and Localization
         Benefits of Global Planning
         Global Design
                     4:  Visual Design         
         Capitalization of Text in the Interface
         Headline Capitalization in English
         Sentence Capitalization in English
         Layout and Visual Alignment
         Between-Component Padding and Spacing Guidelines
         Design Grids
         Titled Borders for Panels
         Text Layout
         Progress and Delay Indication
         System Status Animation
                     5:  Application Graphics         
         Working With Cross-Platform Color
         Working With Available Colors
         Choosing Graphic File Formats
         Choosing Colors
         Maximizing Color Quality
         Designing Graphics in the Java Look and Feel Style
         Designing Icons
         Working With Icon Styles
         Drawing Icons
         Designing Button Graphics
         Using Button Graphic Styles
         Producing the Flush 3D Effect
         Working With Button Borders
         Determining the Primary Drawing Area
         Drawing the Button Graphic
         Designing Symbols
         Designing Graphics for Corporate and Product Identity
         Designing Installation Screens
         Designing Splash Screens
         Designing Login Splash Screens
         Designing About Boxes
                     6:  Behavior         
         Mouse Operations
         Pointer Feedback
         Mouse-over Feedback
         Clicking and Selecting Objects
         Displaying Contextual Menus
         Drag-and-Drop Operations
         Typical Drag and Drop
         Pointer and Destination Feedback
         Keyboard Operations
         Keyboard Focus
         Keyboard Navigation and Activation
         Keyboard Shortcuts
         Part III: The Components of the Java Foundation Classes
                     7:  Windows, Panes, and Frames         
         Anatomy of a Primary Window
         Constructing Windows
         Primary Windows
         Secondary Windows
         Plain Windows
         Utility Windows
         Organizing Windows
         Scroll Panes
         Tabbed Panes
         Split Panes
         Working With Multiple Document Interfaces
         Internal Frames
                     8:  Dialog Boxes         
         Modal and Modeless Dialog Boxes
         Dialog Box Design
         Tab Traversal Order
         Spacing in Dialog Boxes
         Command Buttons in Dialog Boxes
         Default Command Buttons
         Common Dialog Boxes
         Find Dialog Boxes
         Login Dialog Boxes
         Preferences Dialog Boxes
         Print Dialog Boxes
         Progress Dialog Boxes
         Alert Boxes
         Info Alert Boxes
         Warning Alert Boxes
         Error Alert Boxes
         Question Alert Boxes
         Color Choosers
                     9:  Menus and Toolbars         
         Menu Elements
         Menu Bars
         Drop-down Menus
         Menu Items
         Checkbox Menu Items
         Radio Button Menu Items
         Common Menus
         Typical File Menu
         Object Menu
         Typical Edit Menu
         Typical Format Menu
         View Menu
         Typical Help Menu
         Contextual Menus
         Toolbar Placement
         Draggable Toolbars
         Toolbar Buttons
         Tool Tips
                     10:  Basic Controls         
         Command Buttons
         Default Command Buttons
         Combining Graphics With Text in Command Buttons
         Using Ellipses in Command Buttons
         Command Button Spacing
         Command Button Padding
         Toggle Buttons
         Independent Choice
         Exclusive Choice
         Checkbox Spacing
         Radio Buttons
         Radio Button Spacing
         Combo Boxes
         Noneditable Combo Boxes
         Editable Combo Boxes
         Progress Bars
                     11:  Text Components         
         Labels That Identify Controls
         Labels That Communicate Status and Other Information
         Text Fields
         Noneditable Text Fields
         Editable Text Fields
         Password Fields
         Text Areas
         Editor Panes
         Default Editor Kit
         Styled Text Editor Kit
         RTF Editor Kit
         HTML Editor Kit
                     12:  Lists, Tables, and Trees         
         Selection Models for Lists
         Table Appearance
         Table Scrolling
         Column Reordering
         Column Resizing
         Row Sorting
         Selection Models for Tables
         Tree Views
         Lines in Tree Views
         Graphics in Tree Views
         Editing in Tree Views
                     Appendix A:  Keyboard Navigation, Activation, and Selection         
         Combo Boxes
         Command Buttons
         Desktop Panes and Internal Frames
         Dialog Boxes
         HTML Editor Kits
         Radio Buttons
         Split Panes
         Tabbed Panes
         Text Areas and Default and Styled Text Editor Kits
         Text Fields
         Toggle Buttons
         Tool Tips
         Tree Views




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