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by Donald Bales
July, 2003

Sample Excerpt 1, Executing A Stored Procedure | Sample Excerpt 2, Database Meta Data


The JDC is pleased to present two excerpts from JDBC Pocket Reference by Donald Bales, published by O'Reilly.

About the Book


JDBC--the Java Database Connectivity specification--is a complex set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that developers need to understand if they want their Java applications to work with databases. JDBC is so complex that even the most experienced developers need to refresh their memories from time to time on specific methods and details. But, practically speaking, who wants to stop and thumb through a weighty tutorial volume each time a question arises? The answer is the JDBC Pocket Reference, a data-packed quick reference that is both a time-saver and a lifesaver.

The JDBC Pocket Reference offers quick lookups for all methods of the standard JDBC classes. These include concise reviews of the procedures for common JDBC tasks such as connecting to a database, executing stored procedures, executing DDL and the like. You'll find documentation of the connect string formats for the most common databases, including Oracle, SQL-Server, and PostgreSQL. You'll even find information on working with large objects, and on using SQL99 user-defined data types to work with object-relational data. Searching for this sort of material through large tutorials is frustrating and a waste of time, but this pocket-sized book is easy to take anywhere and makes finding the information you need a snap.

About the Chapters

In sample excerpt 1, " Executing A Stored Procedure," provides a quick memory refresher on how to execute a stored procedure.

In sample excerpt 2, "DatabaseMetaData," a good reference is provided on using DatabaseMetaData to determine the capabilities of the driver and the database.

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About the Authors

Donald Bales is a Computer Applications Consultant specializing in the analysis, design, and programming of distributed systems, systems integration, and data warehousing. He has over sixteen years experience with Oracle as both a developer and a database administrator, and six years experience with Java.

Sample Excerpt 1, Executing A Stored Procedure | Sample Excerpt 2, Database Meta Data

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