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Here find information on the Java look and feel (including the Java Look and Feel Graphics Repository.), related papers, guidelines, how to participate in our Usability Studies and other related Human Interface topics.

About the Java Software Human Interface Group


A brief description of our functions; an invitation to communicate with us and participate in our User Studies!

Java Look and Feel


The Java look and feel is part of the Java2 Platform. It is the default cross-platform appearance and behavior for use in all JFC-based Java applications. The Design Guidelines and Graphics Repository are additional resources for user interface aspects of Java look and feel application creation.


About the Java Look and Feel
Links to articles, specifications,guidelines and reviews on the Java look and feel.


Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines
Essential information about human interface design for applications and applets written in the Java programming language.


Java Look and Feel Graphics Repository
A collection of toolbar button graphics. The graphics have been designed specifically for use with the Java look and feel and conform to the "Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines".



Human Interface related papers on Java Software products and on other topics written by current and previous members of the HI staff.

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Java Software Human Interface Group

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