Database Programming with JDBC and Java, Second Edition


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Introduction | Chapter 7: Distributed Application Architecture | Chapter 8: Distributed Component Models


  The JDC is pleased to present two chapters from Database Programming with JDBC and Java, Second Edition by George Reese, published by O'Reilly & Associates.


About the Book

This book describes the standard Java interfaces that make portable object-oriented access to relational databases possible, and offers a robust model for writing applications that are easy to maintain. The second edition has been completely updated for JDBC 2.0, and includes reference listings for JDBC and the most important RMI classes. The book begins with a quick overview of SQL for developers who may be asked to handle a database for the first time, and goes on to explain how to issue database queries and updates through SQL and JDBC.

About the Chapters

Chapter 7, "Distributed Application Architecture," looks at the "big picture"--the landscape into which database programming falls in real world applications.

Chapter 8, "Distributed Component Models," covers the details of distributed computing that EJB lets you ignore, and shows you how to implement your own model when EJB cannot be used.

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About the Author

George Reese specializes in the development of Internet-oriented Java enterprise systems. He is the co-author of the book MySQL and mSQL, and the driver behind a host of Open Source development projects, including the world's first JDBC driver, the mSQL-JDBC driver for mSQL. He currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife Monique and three cats, Misty, Gypsy, and Tia. He makes his living as a senior architect for Imaginet, LLC.


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