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  June 18, 2010
Oracle Author Podcast on Java Tutorial
Sharon Zakhour and David Bryant discuss The Java Tutorial: A Short Course in the Basics, 4th Edition.
  June 14, 2010
Java Road Trip: Code to Coast
This high-tech block party on wheels travels to 20 cities across the United States, showcasing the latest and greatest Java technology.
  June 7, 2010
Tips for Developing on the JavaFX TV Platform
This article describes some of the ways in which the JavaFX television platform differs from the JavaFX desktop platform and provides tips and guidelines for designing effective television applications.

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Developer Spotlight
  TechCast Live: NetBeans IDE 6.9
Join the Conversation in the Next Live TechCast Show: John Jullion-Ceccarelli and Martin Ryzl of the NetBeans engineering team, June 22, 10am PDT.
GlassFish 3.0.1 delivers on the community roadmap promise.
  NetBeans IDE 6.9 Available for Download
Support for the JavaFX Composer, OSGi interoperability, PHP Zend, Ruby on Rails 3.0 and more. Download NetBeans 6.9 and discover the smart way to code!
  Core Concepts in Performance Tuning
Java Champion Kirk Pepperdine discusses the "dominating consumer of the CPU" and other key concepts in performance tuning.
  JavaOne Catalog Live!
The JavaOne 2010 content catalog is available now. Search nearly 2,000 session titles and abstracts and learn about confirmed speakers.
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It's time for Java to tweet.
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