Java Powered for the Enterprise Directory


An enterprise application that is Java Powered for the Enterprise is an indication to customers that the developer of this application is actively seeking to provide support for multiple J2EE compatible application servers. Enterprise buyers now have the added assurance that these Java Powered for the Enterprise applications are compatible with all J2EE technology based products and have met the Write Once, Run Anywhere value that customers are looking for when selecting solutions.

The applications listed below have successfully met the Java Powered for the Enterprise program criteria.

Java Powered for the Enterprise Applications

Product(s) Company
LiveTime Help Desk LiveTime Software, Inc.
LiveTime Support Desk
OSS through Java Applications:
- OSS Common Reference Implementation v1.2
- OSS Common Reference Implementation v1.1
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
4S e-Trans
4S e-Log
4S e-Supply EP
Four Soft Limited
Visual MainWin for J2EE Mainsoft Corporation
ManyDesigns Portofino ManyDesigns srl
Nexcore Framework Administration System SK C&C

Third Party Java Verified Applications Tested with Java Application Verification Kit (AVK) for the Enterprise 1.3.1

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Java SDKs and Tools
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Java Resources
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