Compatibility & Java Verification

J2EE technology and its success is predicated on compatibility, which brings Java technology's mission of "Write Once, Run Anywhere" to the server. For you, the developer, this means you can write applications to the J2EE specification, and you and your customers can be assured that these applications are portable across the products available today that are compatible with J2EE technology.
Java Application Verification Kit (AVK) for the Enterprise
The AVK is available to help you test your application for correct use of J2EE APIs and to maintain portability across J2EE-compatible application servers.
Java Powered for the Enterprise Program
The Java AVK for the Enterprise can be used by application developers to get the Java Powered for the Enterprise logo and trademark.

The Java Powered for the Enterprise logo and trademark serve as a key market differentiator for enterprise developers by delivering instant cross-platform credibility to enterprise buyers and an added measure that the developer of this application is actively seeking to provide support for multiple J2EE compatible application servers. An enterprise application that is Java Powered for the Enterprise signifies to enterprise buyers that the application is portable across all J2EE compatible technology platforms and has met the Write Once, Run Anywhere value that customers are looking for when selecting solutions.

Furthermore, the brand is now available for FREE to application developers.

The "Java Powered for the Enterprise" branding program will not be available for AVK 5 and later versions. Earlier versions of AVK (AVK 1.4 and above) can still be branded "Java Powered for the Enterprise" until further notice.

Authorized Licensees of J2EE
See the list of companies who have licensed J2EE technology and the associated Compatibility Test Suite (CTS). If you would like to be contacted about licensing J2EE technology, fill out our license request form.
Compatible Implementations, Tested Configurations
See the list of companies and their implementations that are compatible with the J2EE platform.
What's New
May 15, 2006
Java Application Verification Kit (AVK) for the Enterprise 5
Download the latest version of the AVK
March 1, 2005
Packaging Utility Classes or Library JAR Files in a Portable J2EE Application Article
The J2EE platform supports the common use case of an application using a library that is provided to the application code. Learn the mechanisms available in the J2EE platform for including libraries in a portable application. Review the tools that are available for helping the developer determine if the mechanism is used correctly. This article also describes several use case scenarios showing different types of application uses of library files and which mechanisms should be used for each scenario.
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