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Java EE Web Application Technologies

Specification downloads are the specs' final releases. Please check the individual JSR pages for download updates such as maintenance releases.

Java Servlet technology provides Web developers with a simple, consistent mechanism for extending the functionality of a Web server and for accessing existing business systems. A servlet can almost be thought of as an applet that runs on the server side--without a face. Java servlets make many Web applications possible.
JavaServer Faces 2.0 JSR 314 | Download spec download
JavaServer Faces 1.2 JSR 252 | Download spec download
JavaServer Faces technology simplifies building user interfaces for JavaServer applications. Developers of various skill levels can quickly build web applications by: assembling reusable UI components in a page; connecting these components to an application data source; and wiring client-generated events to server-side event handlers.
JavaServer Pages 2.2/Expression Language 2.2 JSR 245 | Download spec download
JavaServer Pages 2.1 JSR 245 | Download spec download
JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology provides a simplified, fast way to create dynamic web content. JSP technology enables rapid development of web-based applications that are server- and platform-independent.
A Standard Tag Library for JavaServer Pages (JSTL) JSR 52 | Download spec download
The JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) encapsulates as simple tags the core functionality common to many Web applications. JSTL has support for common, structural tasks such as iteration and conditionals, tags for manipulating XML documents, internationalization tags, and SQL tags. It also provides a framework for integrating existing custom tags with JSTL tags.
This specification establishes standardized tools for correlating Java virtual machine byte code to source code of languages other than the Java programming language.  
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