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Integra CCS Brings JavaFX to Contact Centers


March 2013

Integra CCS, based in Montevideo, Uruguay, is a company focused on bringing communication software solutions to contact centers and corporations, through the use of cutting-edge technologies. The company’s approach is to satisfy the diverse requirements of contact centers in a single product, integrated and easy to use, translating into significant costs savings. As a result, Integra can offer a simple and affordable solution to companies of all sizes.

Integra's solution include the following key features:
  • Voice, mail and fax interaction (traditional telephony)
  • Web integration (click to call, call back, chat)
  • SMS integration
  • Voice recognition
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Call recording
  • Screen and keyboard recording
  • Real-time monitoring and supervision
  • Management statistics reports
  • Social network integration (in development)

Integra originally decided to base the development of the Agent module of their contact center application on Silverlight. At the time, JavaFX was based on a scripting language, and AJAX didn’t provide the level of performance needed to display data in real time. Unfortunately for Integra, Microsoft has scaled down its Silverlight development efforts, which means Integra have had to look for an alternative technology choice that both matched its original requirements, as well as offering a low learning curve for Java or .NET developers.

Today, Integra is in the process of replacing its Silverlight code with JavaFX. They are very satisfied with the development productivity offered by JavaFX, and see JavaFX Scene Builder as playing an increasingly important role in their environment. Speed of development has been a key factor in their selection process, and they are really satisfied with JavaFX’s low learning curve.

 Integra CCS Dashboard
 Figure 1 - The The new JavaFX-based Integra CCS dashboard

Integra have also evaluated HTML5 before choosing JavaFX, but their overall feeling is that the technology is not mature enough. However, the ability to integrate HTML5 within a JavaFX application provides them with an opportunity to blend the use of the two technologies moving forward. In addition, they feel much more confident today in their ability to leverage developments tools such as NetBeans and JavaFX Scene Builder to implement new features in an efficient way and retain their competitive advantage.

Integra’s contact center application relies on a Java back end that exposes a REST API, a solution that has provided great results, so they didn’t want to change that. Other factors influencing the choice of technology on the client side include development productivity, ease of deployment, and runtime performance, all things that were met with JavaFX. The ability to run to deploy their solution in the browser while leveraging the capabilities of the Java platform is a winning solution for an application that has to push a lot of sockets-based notifications. Integra’s new JavaFX client application makes extensive use of UI controls (including the JFXtras calendar picker), CSS skinning and FXML. They are currently investigating WebView, DataFX and Dolphin for future enhancements.

With the help of JavaFX Scene Builder, Integra’s developers have been able to develop data capture screens such as the one below in just one day, complete with the integration of CRUD operation with MySQL. The initial rollout of the JavaFX-based application was a success, with 20 contact center agents processing 50,000 records over a period of 3 months.

 Integra CCS Agent window
 Figure 2 - JavaFX-based interface for Integra CCS contact center agent windows

“The Agent JavaFX application has been working for several months in production environment without a problem”, said Sebastian Gutierrez Maeso, CEO at Integra. “The performance is really good, and the application is fully internationalized in English, Spanish and Portuguese”.

Besides the contact center agent application, Integra is also looking into using JavaFX to develop a chat and VoIP application, as well as a new client interface for the Integra manager and supervisor. Integra Manager provides administrators the means to manage a call center, and Integra Supervisor let them access real time data, dashboards and reporting capabilities. The new version of Integra CCS will be released in April 2013.