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Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) provides a robust, flexible environment for applications running on mobile and other embedded devices: mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), TV set-top boxes, and printers. Java ME includes flexible user interfaces, robust security, built-in network protocols, and support for networked and offline applications that can be downloaded dynamically. Applications based on Java ME are portable across many devices, yet leverage each device's native capabilities. What you see is what you get.

What's New  

September 2010
JavaOne 2010: Takeaways for Mobile and Embedded
Java Evangelist Terrance Barr reflects on the key takeaways for Java mobile and embedded from JavaOne 2010.
August 2010
Webinar: Go Mobile Light Weight User Interface Toolkit (LWUIT)

Learn how easy it is to build mobile applications with LWUIT, a set of libraries and tools that leverage modern user interface capabilities such as animations, UI controls, 3D. (Registration required)

August 2010
Getting Started with Touchscreen UIs
This technical article describes the methods in the Canvas class that work well with devices that have touch interfaces and explore an application that exercises the basic touch interface methods in Java ME.
January 2010
Portable Web Servers with Java Card 3.0
This technical article describes how Java Card 3.0 technology allows application developers to create and deploy servlet applications on smart card devices. » Learn more
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September 2010
Working with the Mobile Sensor API
This technical article explains how the Java Mobile Sensor API (JSR 256 for Java Platform, Micro Edition) enables Java MIDlets to talk to the physical and virtual sensors available on a device.

The Basics

Java ME SDK 3.0
The one SDK you need for all Java ME stacks: combines CLDC, CDC, and Blu-ray Disc Java with a standalone development environment, a comprehensive emulator, and utilities. » More

Now included in the Java ME SDK 3.0:

Formerly J2ME Wireless Toolkit. The build tools, utilities, and a device emulator for creating Java applications that run on devices compliant with the Java Technology for the Wireless Industry (JTWI, JSR 185) and Mobile Service Architecture (MSA, JSR 248) specifications. Download »

The build tools, utilities, and a device emulator for creating Java applications that run on devices compliant with CDC/FP/PBP 1.1 and AGUI 1.0. Download »

Java ME Downloads and Optional APIs
Download the SDK, CDC reference implementation, MIDP, and profiles.
3rd Party Tools and Downloads
Download the SDK, CDC reference implementation, MIDP, and profiles.
NetBeans Mobility
The most comprehensive, free Java ME authoring solution. Create, test, and debug applications that will run on mobile phones, set-top boxes, and multi-function peripherals.
Network Operators and Carriers
A handy list of URLs to network operators and carriers offering Java technology-enabled handsets worldwide, including the 3 global operators Hutchison 3G, T-Mobile, and Vodafone.

The Java ME technology Device Matrix has been replaced by a database included with the Java ME SDK 3.0, which lets you find technical specifications on mobile devices using the built-in WURFL database search engine. Over 8000 mobile device specifications are available from the Java ME SDK.
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