Building Javadoc API Reference Documentation for Blu-ray Disc Application Development

BD-J application developers need reference documentation for several different API components. Since various parties hold copyrights on different portions of the BD-J platform definition, it's not currently possible to download the entire platform definition as a single unified bundle. These notes describe how to collect these various documentation components and assemble a single API reference bundle.

Acquiring the Javadoc Stub Files

The following API components are necessary for BD-J application development.

  • Java TV API (JSR 927), version 1.1.x.
  • Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE) 1.0.3 for CDC 1.0.2.
  • Foundation Profile (FP) and Connected Device Configuration (CDC), version 1.0b.
  • Personal Basis Profile (PBP), version 1.0b.
  • Globally Executable MHP (GEM) Stubs for Packaged Media Target (GEM 1.0.3).
  • BD-J JavaDocStubs.

    A license application is available from the Blu-ray Disc Association:
Building the Javadoc API Reference

The following steps describe how to build the Javadoc API reference documentation for BD-J application development.

  1. Create a directory to contain the documentation components:
    $ mkdir bdj-docs
  2. Unpack all of the above archives into this directory. Make sure that all stub source files are in the src directory.
  3. Run Javadoc with the following command:
    $ javadoc -use -d dist -subpackages org -subpackages java -subpackages javax -sourcepath src
  4. After Javadoc has finished you have a combined Javadoc in the dist directory, the entry point is the index.html file.

As a convenience, a shell script that automates this procedure is available at

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