OTN Activities at JavaOne 2013

The OTN Lounge is HQ for all JavaOne activities. Be sure to drop by to join or get more information about these activities.
Follow @JavaOneConf for announcements, updates and fun!

Java Embedded Challenge for Raspberry Pi

Develop a Raspberry Pi application with Java over three days while at JavaOne. it will be a hands-on collaborative challenge. You will have access to training, equipment and top experts. FREE and open to JavaOne attendees, REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Register now!

Java Embedded Challenge Hours

 Monday: 2pm to 11pm

 Tuesday: 2pm to 11pm

 Wednesday: 2pm to 6pm

The hours are flexible so you can attend JavaOne sessions and come back to the room to work on projects.

Learn about these technologies:

§ Oracle SE Embedded and Oracle Java SE 8 for ARM
§ Oracle Java Embedded Suite 7
§ JavaFX
§ Java RXTX
§ Pi4J (Java Library for Raspberry Pi)
§ ThingsAPI
§ Hardware: Raspberry Pi boards • Robots • Actuators and sensors

JavaOne Codegarten JavaOne 2013

CodegartenYou can contribute to your favorite open source projects at the Codegarten in the OTN Lounge. Join open source experts and write a plugin, a feature, or a bug fix for a project you care about. It is a great way to get involved with open source and learn how to make a difference for the projects you're passionate about.

Open to everyone, whatever your background. "It's the opportunity for like-minded developers to come together and produce a piece of code, a patch, documentation, testcases or any other kind of contribution to an open source project of their choosing" explains Java Champion Andres Almiray.

Bring your laptop and your creativity to the OTN Lounge

Codegarten Hours

 Monday: 10:30am to 4:00pm

 Tuesday: 10:30am to 4:00pm

 Wednesday: 10:30am to 4:00pm

Griffon Lead, and Groovy Committer Andres Almiray along with Java Evangelist, and JavaFX Expert Stephen Chin are organizing the Codegarten. The projects on their list are Griffon, Groovy, GroovyFX, Gradle, Asciidoctor and more. Just show up and code on these open source projects!

Meet the Experts

Follow @JavaOneConf to find out when experts in Java technologies, the Java Community Process (JCP), Java User Groups (JUGs) will be in the lounge to answer your questions.

Get An OTN T-shirt

OTNtshirtWrite a blog that talks about OTN and includes a link to http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/ for a fabulous T-shirt. While supplies last.

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