System Requirements

A Pentium 166MHz or faster processor with at least 32 megabytes of physical RAM is required to run graphically based applications. Forty-eight megabytes of RAM is recommended for applets running within a browser using the Java Plug-in product. Running with less memory may cause disk swapping which has a severe effect on performance. Very large programs may require more RAM for adequate performance.

You should have 40 megabytes of free disk space before attempting to install the Java 2 Runtime Environment.

Installation Instructions

Note: For any lines on this page containing the following notation, you must substitute the appropriate update version number for the notation.
                 <version number>
For example, if you are downloading the installer for update 1.3.1_01, the following file name:
                 j2re-1_3_1_<version number>-windows-i586.exe
would become:
  • Open - This enables you to install the Java 2 Runtime Environment without leaving a compressed file on your hard disk.


  • Save As - This saves the downloaded file without installing it. It will be saved at C:\ by default. Check that you have downloaded the entire file by comparing the size of the file you downloaded with the expected size:


    j2re-1_3_1_<version number>-windows-i586-i.exe is the Win32 Java 2 Runtime Environment international version for all locales.

    j2re-1_3_1_<version number>-windows-i586.exe is the Win32 Java 2 Runtime Environment for U.S. English only.

    The larger international version of the Java 2 Runtime Environment contains character conversion classes and support for locales other than the US English locale. Use this version of the Java 2 Runtime Environment if you will be running applications and applets that require a non-US-English locale.

    After downloading, double-click on the file icon to run the installer. Follow the instructions the installer provides. When done with the installation, to recover more disk space, delete the bundle you downloaded.

    If you run into any problems during the installation, please check the troubleshooting section of the SDK installation instructions.

Installation Notes

Java 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition
Version 1.3.1
Microsoft Windows

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