JavaBeans Spec Change History


Changes between 1.00-A and 1.01 to reflect the final JDK 1.1 APIs

  • Stated that Beans.instantiate takes a dot separated name that can name either a class or a serialized form.

  • Added applet support to Beans.instantiate, so that an applet that is a bean will be given a default AppletContext and AppletStub

  • In Section 6 added specification of TooManyListenersException (this had been omitted by accident).

  • In Section 9 added specification of PropertyEditorSupport (this had been omitted by accident).

Additional updates between 1.00-A and 1.01

  • Updated Appendix B "Future Directions" to reflect our current plans.

  • Changed example scenarios (Section 3) to use Beans.instantiate

  • Clarified in Section 11.6.1 that a JAR file containing beans must have a Manifest identifying the beans.

  • In Section 11.5 emphasized that in JDK1.1 names within manifests must use forward slashes "/".

  • In Section 7.4.3 explained how a "two phase" mechanism can be used to accurately monitor the state of a bound and constrained property.

  • In PropertyEditor clarified that the paintValue method can change the graphics context and needn't restore the old state.

  • Defined two new Manifest tags for use with JavaBeans: "Depends-On" (Section 11.6.2) and "Design-Time-Only" (Section 11.6.3).

  • Added Section 5.4 "Persistence through generated initialization code" documenting how a bean can be resurrected using generated source code.

  • By popular demand, added an explicit statement that beans are not required to inherit from any standard base class or interface. (Section 2.1).

  • Added an exhortation to support the PropertyEditor.getJavaInitializationString method (Section 9.2.5)

  • By popular demand, defined a new convention so that a bean can allow registration of PropertyChangeListeners or VetoableChangeListeners for named properties (Section 7.4.5).

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