Code Samples and Apps

The applet searches for JMF classes and libraries to see if JMF is setup correctly on your system and if you are using a compatible browser.
View a list of JMF 2.1.1 Solutions
These applets use JMF to present several different movie clips. To view these clips, JMF must be installed and set up to work with your browser. Before running these applets, you should go to the JMF Diagnostics page to verify your JMF installation.
Java Media Framework (JMF) 2.1 - Sample Code.
A simple applet that can be used to run a JMF player for a particular media file, this applet embeds the visual component and control panel component in the browser page.
A simple applet that demonstrates how to create a media player to present a media clip, this applet displays the player's visual and control panel components over a background image.