Java 3D 1.2.1_04 API Known Issues/Bugs


These are the known bugs for the Java 3D 1.2.1_04 final release at ship date.

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Documentation Bugs

  • 4161432 Transform3D transform definitions are imprecise
  • 4259353 documentation for com.sun.j3d.utils.geometry.Box is confusing
  • 4303052 Quaternion documentation is inadequate
  • 4303053 javadoc for DistanceLOD with multiple switch nodes needs improvement
  • 4303055 Docs should specify effect on clipped portion of ImageComponent
  • 4303056 Docs should specify thread-safety behavior of Java 3D methods
  • 4303054 Lighting equations should be updated to reflect color override
  • 4303062 Need to specify which attributes are passed by reference versus by value
  • 4307547 Need to doc. : scene graph needs to have at least a Canvas3D to keep j3d working
  • 4312421 Need to document texture by reference
  • 4386872 Docs for Behavior.postId is too terse
  • 4386874 Minimum nuber of planes in BoundingPolytope should be 4 not 3
  • 4391487 Transform3D CONGRUENT definition is not clear
  • 4391167 Triangulator unable to handle some polygons with holes.
  • 4415929 Sphere constructor documentation unclear


    Installation Bugs

    • 4370346 Sometimes InstallAnywhere not able to remove Java 3D jar files during uninstall

    Core Bugs (j3d and vecmath)

    • 4154445 PathInterpolator's setKnot method does not validate inputs
    • 4160172 Access to some aggregate data is not MT-safe
    • 4173647 Cannot share Sphere objects of same size between immediate and retained mode
    • 4179923 ReadRaster does not clip to screen correctly
    • 4181340 Updating the view cache could be a problem if other canvas running on same view
    • 4181344 Java 3D cannot handle more than 64 lights
    • 4181417 Need to add an internal epsilonEquals method for bounds objects
    • 4186182 sceneAntialiasing setting of PREFERRED is ignored
    • 4189092 HEAD_PREDICTOR and HAND_PREDICTOR policies not implemented
    • 4191172 Text3D rendering problems
    • 4259345 Text3D does not correct convert geometry of Japanese-text
    • 4260818 java3d should support stereo graphics automatically
    • 4299480 readRaster() and waitForOffScreenRendering() will not work if threadLimit=1
    • 4335245 Raster type RASTER_COLOR_DEPTH did not work as expected
    • 4340607 Node and NodeComponent's set* methods not synchronized with set/clearLive
    • 4357843 Picking doesn't handle OrientedShape3D's orientation when doing intersect test.
    • 4359764 Java3D do not support > 32 canvas
    • 4363761 getImagePlateToVworld not synchronized with View
    • 4366511 Full scene antialiasing slow under OpenGL
    • 4370378 ImageComponentByReferenceTest raster image disappeared after window maximized
    • 4371535 when PickTool cursor's update is enabled, the camera/view no longer updates
    • 4386903 DistanceLOD API inconsistant
    • 4391492 Rotation matrix of Transform3D constructor not extract
    • 4396453 Bounding polytope should check for NaN bounds
    • 4409793 ImageComponent and Transform not updated synchronously
    • 4416995 Text2D.setString(String) restores filter setting default values
    • 4416996 setVisible(false) affecting objects that did not have attribute set
    • 4416999 Differences in rendering between retained and immediate modes w/same Appearance
    • 4419187 Texture2D ignored if not enabled when made live
    • 4420305 sound/animation sometimes disrupted by menus
    • 4421860 PickTest : PickCylinder unable to pick point/line when pick mode set to GEOMETRY
    • 4422273 In a multiple views setup, object may not be visible to all canvases, at startup
    • 4426732 OrderedGroup node and documentation differ concerning rendering order
    • 4428412 AxisAngle set(Matrix ) fail when rotation is PI about X/Y/Z
    • 4429560 DecalGroup not working for some graphics card like TNT card
    • 4433400 OrientedShape3D fail to scale Text3D
    • 4436945 j3d fails to run on pgx32
    • 4440430 IndexOutOfBoundsException in RenderBin.findOrderedCollection
    • 4440657 GetBounds() on Link throws NullPointerException when SharedGroup not set
    • 4447897 Cannot share appearance bundle with Text3D
    • 4461427 collision detection fail to report collide in some orientation
    • 4467878 Appearance attributers not reset in PureImmediateMode
    • 4470281 Transparency fail t set correctly
    • 4471266 Light under SharedGroup did not lit properly
    • 4471773 Behavior scheduling did not stop under IE/Netscape when window iconified
    • 4473727 OGL: TextureID & DisplayList not free before ogl context destroy in applet
    • 4474981 Roboforge crash on Banshee card at OrientedShape3DRenderMethod
    • 4475966 Incorrect collision report when object did not collide
    • 4476109 OGL: DecalGroup afffect render of other primitive under windows
    • 4480002 RenderMolecule.addRenderAtom throws NullPointerException
    • 4480770 Text3DRetained set() method did not lock geometry property for rendering

    Sound Bugs

    • 4187092 Filtering causes loud, sweeping resonance to be added to most sounds
    • 4187093 Cross-talk cancellation for sound playback in not implemented
    • 4315018 Garbage sound in TestFilter
    • 4360462 Sound nodes referencing InputStream MediaContainer not fully functional
    • 4360463 Doppler calculated results in less than expected frequency variation
    • 4433354 Intermittent hang the OS when Java3D startup if Sound is used
    • 4451293 Sound played back as noise on SunBlades

    Utility Bugs

    • 4252349 First viewport may jump when using KeyNavigatorBehavior
    • 4259533 getTexture() throws NullPointerException when using proxies
    • 4308592 texture loader does not scale non-power-of-2 RGBA textures properly
    • 4331669 setRectangleScaleFactor will not change text size unless setString called (doc?)
    • 4336679 In examples/PickTest program, a pick miss can happen on morph object.
    • 4343427 Loader interface has no facility to monitor progress of Load Operation
    • 4347998 PickTool pickGeomAllSorted did not compute closest distance for PickConeRay
    • 4372722 ObjectFile loader hangs when loader .jpg file
    • 4374631 CompressedGeometryFile can't be used by applets with default security
    • 4374633 CompressionStream should provide a method for getting original bounds
    • 4376368 Adding KeyNavigatorBehavior will keep cpu busy
    • 4386880 TextureLoader should use imageio loaders
    • 4431675 PickTool can't handle Text3D with pickmode set to GEOMETRY_INTERSECT_INFO.
    Solaris-specific bugs
    • This isn't Java3D-specific, but warnings of the following form occur on some Solaris 2.5.1 and some Solaris 2.6 systems when running any Java program with JDK1.2. 
    • Font specified in not found
      [-b&h-lucida sans-medium-r-normal-sans-*-%d-*-*-p-*-iso8859-1]
      Font specified in not found
      [-b&h-lucida sans-medium-i-normal-sans-*-%d-*-*-p-*-iso8859-1]
      This problem can be fixed by installing the optional ISO font package SUNWi1of.