Java 3D 1.1.3 API Known Issues/Bugs


These are the known bugs for the Java 3D 1.1.3 release.

To report a bug that is not on this list, please see the Bug Report instructions.

Core Bugs (j3d and vecmath)

  • ReadRaster does not clip to screen correctly
  • MediaContainer node cloned improperly
  • SwitchValueInterpolator needs to handle firstChild > lastChild index
  • Compiles of nested BranchGroups consumes more memory than single root compile
  • Back clip distance in Clip node not scaled correctly
  • SceneAntialiasing setting of PREFERRED is ignored
  • Geometry Collision does not implement points/surface, line/line, or line/point
  • Java 3D cannot handle more than 64 lights
  • Cached eye position not set in compatibility mode
  • Cached transforms not set in compatibility mode
  • Region of Influence/Scope changes to Light/Fog doesn't effect static objects
  • Shape3D memory not freed when unassigned if associated appearance object is live
  • Java 3D classes and threads are not cleaned up and cannot be unloaded
  • After switch from Mixed mode to normal mode, IllegalSharingException thrown
  • Non-Congruent matrix above view platform will kill the traverser thread
  • Illegal rendering state exceptions kill Traverser thread
  • Billboard node not synchronized with view platform changes
  • getBounds returns null for non-live scene graphs
  • wakeupOn fails to register a condition when called with the same reference twice
  • Collision does implicit conversions of bounds types
  • PathInterpolator's setKnot method does not validate inputs
  • Sound performance on native threads is bad
  • Not all physical coexistence center policies are implemented
  • HMD mode not yet implemented
  • SceneGraphCycleException checking needs to be turned on.
  • Occasional spikes in Doppler calculation causes wild exaggerated pitch shifting
  • Filtering causes loud, sweeping resonance to be added to most sounds
  • Cross-talk cancellation for sound playback in not implemented
  • setReverbDelay(null) of AuralAttributes return incorrect value
  • HEAD_PREDICTOR and HAND_PREDICTOR policies not implemented
  • Geometry-based picking is not supported for CompressedGeometry.
  • Geometry collision not supported for compressed geometry
  • Multiple sample channels are not always synchronized when started
  • GMatrix SVD does not work correctly for some cases.
  • Java3D does unneeded redraws for window events
  • Loading HTML page or Java 3D applet while sound is playing may cause exception
  • Extrusion contures for Font3D don't produce smooth normals
  • Multiple views of a Switch node incorrect
  • Multiple repaints per scene graph change
  • ImageComponent2D with no image set causes segmentation fault
  • ViewPlatforms do not work correctly under Switch nodes

Utility Bugs

  • ObjectFile Loader material properties support needs to be expanded
  • FourByFour generates SecurityException when tyring to write out the high score file

Solaris-specific bugs

  • The 8-bit TrueColor colormap may not be loaded on an 8-bit frame buffer running CDE
  • This isn't Java3D-specific, but warnings of the following form occur on some Solaris 2.5.1 and some Solaris 2.6 systems when running any Java program with JDK1.2.
    Font specified in not found
    [-b&h-lucida sans-medium-r-normal-sans-*-%d-*-*-p-*-iso8859-1]
    Font specified in not found
    [-b&h-lucida sans-medium-i-normal-sans-*-%d-*-*-p-*-iso8859-1]
    This problem can be fixed by installing the optional ISO font package SUNWi1of.

Windows-specific bugs

  • Bug in Symantec JIT causes the GearBox example to render incorrectly.
  • Symantec JIT issues warning when running FourByFour example
  • PureImmediate mode does not work after paint() event on Win95 with ogl