Java 3D 1.3.1 API Known Issues/Bugs


These are the known bugs for the Java 3D 1.3.1 release at ship date.

To get the very latest list of known bugs, please go to the Java Bug Parade page.

To report a bug that is not on this list, please see the Bug report instructions.

Documentation Bugs

  • 4303056 Docs should specify thread-safety behavior of Java 3D methods
  • 4350033 JFTC: possible conflict between implementation and spec on PolygonOffset
  • 4391492 Rotation matrix of Transform3D constructor not extract
  • 4514880 results of changing geometry and texture are not well documented
  • 4632391 Typo in doc j3d_tutorial_ch2.pdf
  • 4698350 Spec. did not mention alpha component for Texture Mode REPLACE, MODULATE clearly

Core Graphics and Vecmath Bugs

  • 4509357 example program - raster image incorrect until mouse moved into window
  • 4512179 Undeterminable behavior caussed by Appearance.setTexture
  • 4516005 AddRemoveCanvas2 fail to show cube intermittently
  • 4518080 Light scoping sometimes not working for compiled geometry
  • 4529297 TCK: Group.removeAllChildren() inconsistent with expected behavior
  • 4667088 sas applications gets VerifyError running with 64-bit JVM
  • 4669211 SharedGroup.getLinks().length is always zero for non-live Link node.
  • 4674146 Background texture fail to render for RenderedImage and byref ImageComponent2D
  • 4674843 ImageComponent3D byReference always make an internal copy
  • 4676035 Off screen rendering has off-center view
  • 4676483 Geometry by Reference change alpha color component of user data
  • 4680305 Detaches of SharedGroups from user threads is not Mt-Safe
  • 4681750 Texture3D throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when scaleImage
  • 4681863 OGL: OffScreen canvas ignore GraphicsConfigTemplate under windows
  • 4684405 j3d holds a reference to user's bounds (via setBounds()) for use in getBounds().
  • 4684807 NullPointerException in NodeComponent during setAppearance()
  • 4686527 Deadlock between MasterControl and user thread when using ByRef updateData()
  • 4697155 ByRef USE_COORD_INDEX_ONLY geometry not yet implement for optimizeForSpace=false
  • 4701430 Infrequent NPE at
  • 4705053 OrientedPtTest example program displays frame lag
  • 4712205 Window panels disappear when BranchGroup.compile() is used.
  • 4714426 compile() removes null child eventhough ALLOW_CHILDREN_READ is set.
  • 4720938 IndexedGeometry shouldn't consider vertex not reference by index in computeBound
  • 4736484 Big alpha value in byRefColor render geometry even though transparency = 1.0
  • 4740086 Picking cause lots of GC in PickShape intersect() routine
  • 4751162 View TRANSPARENCY_SORT_GEOMETRY throws NullPointerException when viewpoint move
  • 4751283 Transform3D.normalize() and Matrix4d.get(Matrix3d) permute matrix columns
  • 4753957 Morph only consider first GeometryArray when compute bounds
  • 4762021 Transform3D setScale() fail to return negative scale in some case
  • 4762753 Precision problem of OrientedShape3D.ROTATE_ABOUT_POINT if far away from origin
  • 4768237 RuntimeException in pickIntersection.getPointNormal()
  • 4768353 JBrawl does not run smoothly with > 2 cpus
  • 4774341 Locale need a wait between changing HiRes and adding branch graph
  • 4782718 NPE if boundingLeaf in SchedulingBoundLeaf not attach to scenegraph
  • 4783638 WakeupOnAWTEvent does not support MouseWheelEvent
  • 4789101 J3D.dll is accessing jniGetObjectClass inside the critical region
  • 4790016 PickObject generatePickRay return wrong PickShape if View compatibility enable
  • 4794998 hashKey output TROUBLE message when OutOfMemory
  • 4828096 Morph doesn't work correctly with Java3D 1.3
  • 4828098 Morph doesn't use its weights, when it was cloned with cloneTree()

Sound Bugs

  • 4634751 BackgroundSound fails to activates with the view intersects it's bounds.
  • 4680280 JavaSoundMixer play sound only once
  • 4760772 BackgroundSounds not looping with HeadspaceMixer mixer

Utility Bugs

  • 4717595 SceneGraph IO bug in J3DFly
  • 4718786 Incorrect coefficients in CubicSplineSegment computeCommonCoefficients()
  • 4805076 Transform3D.get(Matrix3f ) occasionally returns incorrect values