Java 3D 1.1.3 API Features


This is the final version of Java 3D 1.1.3 for OpenGL.

Changes since the last (1.1.2) release include:

  • Memory Release
    Some work was done to help ensure that Java 3D releases memory when a branch graph is detached from the scene graph. In some cases you may need to detach the View from the scene graph to release the memory.

  • Several bug fixes:
    • Line/polytope intersection fails for line longer than 1.0
    • NullPointerException when de-iconifying application
    • Setting Texture reference from user thread can cause deadlock.
    • Alpha setTriggerTime() fail to set stopTime
    • AccessControlException when a visible Canvas3D is added to a View
    • software decompressor produces bad colors from mesh references
    • Can't restart RotPosScaleTCBSplinePathInterpolator
    • Quaternion interpolation causes bad rotations
    • In segmentAndQuad, the return value of dist[0] is a ratio, not a distance.
    • fog scoping methods throw CapabilityNotSetException even it is set
    • RotationInterpolator created with null Alpha cannot be restarted
    • Lightwave TestParse can't load SpaceFighters
  • Windows-specific bugs fixed:
    • Stereo doesn't work
  • Solaris-specific bugs fixed: