JMF - Diagnostics Applet


JMF 2.1

The applet searches for JMF classes and libraries to see if JMF is setup correctly on your system and if you are using a compatible browser.

If there are error messages, look below the applet for trouble shooting information.

Here is the Source Code for the JMF Diagnostics Applet. It contains both the java and class files used in the applet.

Note: Internet Explorer might crash if you are using JMF 1.0.2 or an earlier version.

Trouble Shooting

Browser not compatible: JMF requires a Java 1.1 compliant browser. Recommended browsers are Netscape Navigator 4.06 or later, MS Internet Explorer 4.0 or later, Sun's Hotjava 1.1.x. If you are using older versions of any of these browsers, please upgrade to the latest.

Classes not found: JMF classes are not included in the CLASSPATH environment variable. Please make sure the CLASSPATH points to jmf.jar that comes with your installation. If you are running Windows 95/98, rebooting after the install might help.

Libraries not found: If you are using the version of JMF that requires native libraries to boost performance, the directory with the shared library files should be added to your PATH variable (LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable on Solaris). These libraries are in the \lib directory.

If you are using Microsoft IE with the JMF Windows Performance Pack and you still see this message, then its possible that you don't have the latest Microsoft Java VM for IE installed. Please visit and install the latest Java VM for your browser.