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If you are an ActiveX developer and you want to take advantage of the "Write Once, Run AnywhereTM," Reuse Everywhere benefits of JavaBeans components, look no farther! The JavaBeans Bridge for ActiveX and the JavaBeans Migration Assistant for ActiveX allow you migrate your development efforts easily to JavaBeans today, while preserving your investment in - and adding value to - any previous work based on ActiveX.

JavaBeans presents the best choice for developing and deploying network-aware solutions in heterogenous hardware and operating system environments--within the enterprise or across the Internet. These tools will allow you to secure a future in the emerging network software market without losing customers that use proprietary platforms.

JavaBeans Bridge for ActiveX

JavaBeans provides open-door migration from current ActiveX-based solutions into 100% Pure Java based solutions with the JavaBeans Bridge for ActiveX. The Bridge allows any JavaBeans component to be hosted by any legacy COM/OLE/ActiveX container. Thus, component developers can safely construct and deploy platform-independent JavaBeans components in custom solutions developed in Visual Basic, or commercial applications such as Microsoft Office and Microsoft Internet Explorer

Download the latest version of the JavaBeans Bridge for ActiveX! (It's now part of Java Plug-In.)

JavaBeans Migration Assistant for ActiveX

If you want to participate in the growing JavaBeans market while leveraging your existing ActiveX investment to gain an early foothold in this new market, the JavaBeans Migration Assistant will provide a standard migration path for you to quickly adapt existing code and skills to Java. As a benefit of migrating from ActiveX to JavaBeans, the advantages of developing in Java include faster cycle times, reduced component complexity, and a delivery to multiple platforms with one source image.

The JavaBeans Migration Assistant is a tool that generates JavaBeans code from ActiveX controls. The tool analyzes an ActiveX control's properties and creates a framework for a subsequent 100% Pure Java implementation that takes on the features of the ActiveX control.

A free trial version is available for download. JavaSoft will include the JavaBeans Migration Assistant for ActiveX in a future release of the BDK.

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