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The scope of this page is to list companies and/or products using the JMX technology. To be added to this list, please use the Java Product and API feedback form. Please specify "Java Management Extensions" as the subject, "Submission" as the feedback type, and please tell us the name of your product or project that implements the JMX API. Thank you for your support.

The current list is:


  • AdventNet: Agent Toolkit Java Edition
  • AdventNet: ManageEngine
  • AdventNet: ManageEngine Applications Manager
  • AdventNet: SNMP adaptor for JMX
  • AdventNet: Web NMS
  • Alignment Software: AppAssure
  • Alterthought
  • Appmind Software: AppMind
  • Appmind Software: OpenVMS Agent
  • Arjuna: ArjunaMS
  • BAM-Austria
  • BEA Systems: WebLogic
  • BEA: WebLogic Collaborate
  • BMC Software: PATROL for WebSphere
  • BMC Software: PATROL for WebLogic
  • ComArch: Tytan Mobile Portal
  • Compiere Open Source ERP & CRM
  • Computer Associates: Unicenter
  • Covalent Technologies: Covalent Application Manager
  • Critical Path: Internet File Server
  • Critical Path: Presentation Server
  • Critical Path: Registered Mail Server
  • Critical Path: System Console
  • CSC (Scandinavia): LABKA II
  • Defywire Inc.: Defywire Mobility Suite 2.0
  • Dirig Software: Dirig Agent
  • Hewlett Packard: Core Services Framework
  • Hewlett Packard: HPAS
  • Hewlett Packard: OpenView
  • IBM/Tivoli
  • IBM: Web Services Toolkit 3.1
  • IBM: WebSphere Application Server
  • IBM: WebSphere Business Components
  • IBM: WebSphere Business Integrator
  • IBM: WebSphere Voice Server
  • Innovative Systems Design: ITVerify
  • Intersperse
  • INTRACOM: JAnction - Service Activator
  • IONA Technologies PLC: iPortal
  • IONA Technologies PLC: Orbix
  • IONA Technologies PLC: Orbix E2A XMLBus Edition Technology 2.0
  • iReasoning Networks: iReasoning JMX SNMP Agent BUILDER
  • The Jakarta Project (Apache): Phoenix
  • JBoss
  • jNETx: Parlay/OSA Gateway
  • Kuehne + Nagel
  • Log4j
  • Lutris: EAS
  • Macromedia: FlashMX
  • Macromedia: JRun 4
  • FrontLine Java Management Edition (JME)
  • Media style GmbH
  • Misys International Banking Systems Ltd: Meridian
  • Oracle: Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE 10g
  • Objectweb: C-JDBC
  • ObjectWeb: JOnAS 2.5
  • ObjectWeb: JORAM 3.1
  • Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center: dLibra Digital Library Framework
  • Pramati Technologies
  • Resonate Inc: Resonate Commander
  • Scapa Technolgies: Scapa Test and Performance Platform
  • Schmid Telecommunication: Pegasus Element Manager
  • SolarMetric Kodo JDO
  • Sonic Software: SonicXQ
  • SpiritSoft: SpiritWave 5.1
  • SpiritSoft: SpiritWave Integration Server
  • Sun Microsystems: Java Dynamic Management Kit (Java DMK)
  • Sun Microsystems: Netra CT Managed Object Hierarchy (MOH)
  • Sun Microsystems: Netra HA Suite
  • Sun Microsystems: Netra T1
  • Sun Microsystems: DReAM, Distributed Resource Allocation Manager
  • Sun Microsystems: Sun Open Network Environment (Sun ONE) Application Server
  • Sun Microsystems: Sun ONE Portal Server
  • Sybase: EAServer 4.0
  • TCC: Rexip AppServer 1.0
  • TeraMEDICA, Inc.: TeraMEDICA Intelligent Image Manager (TI 2m)
  • Tomcat
  • Tonic Software, Inc.
  • Trifork Enterprise Application Server
  • UC4 Software: UC4:global
  • Utopian Software: UTOPX
  • Vitria: BusinessWare
  • Wakesoft Architecture Platform
  • Wily Technologies: Introscope
  • Wissen Inc.: Content and Information Management
  • XadrA's VelocityAdaptorServer
  • Xensia LLP: Xensia Building Management System (XIBMS)
  • XtremeJ Management Console
  • Zareus, Inc: Zareus Application Platform

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