Java Management Extensions (JMX) Overview

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JMX Deliverables
Java Management Extensions (JMX) technology and the JMX Remote API each have these deliverables:
  • A Specification, comprising API documentation generated by the Javadoc utility, as well as an accompanying Specification document (in PDF format).
  • A Reference Implementation (RI) in source code form, and usable under Sun Community Source License (SCSL). Commercial use and deployment of compliant Reference Implementations are free. Compliance requires licensing of the appropriate Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) for each of the JMX and JMX Remote API Reference Implementations
  • A Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) is accessible to the JMX and JMX Remote API licensees. The TCK license agreement is bundled with a support contract. To ship JMX or JMX Remote API source-based commercial products, companies must pass compatibility tests based on the appropriate Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK). The TCKs are accessible to JMX and JMX Remote API licensees but need to be licensed separately by Sun. For more information about commercial licensing terms, please talk to your local sales representative.
  • A Reference Implementation in binary code, free for use and redistribution.
JMX Java Specification Requests (JSRs)
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