Java Internationalization Technical Articles & Tips

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Technical articles and tips are provided for internationalization in core, desktop, enterprise, and mobile Java.

Core Java Internationalization

Supplementary Characters in the Java Platform by Norbert Lindenberg and Masayoshi Okutsu
Learn how supplementary characters are supported in the Java platform, and how to make your application ready to support them. (May 2004)
日本語: Java プラットフォームにおける補助文字のサポート
中文: Java 平台中的增补字符

Using the TimeZone Class by Daniel H. Steinberg
Technical tip. (November 2003)

Using ChoiceFormat for Handling Plural Messages by John Zukowski
Technical tip. (September 2003)
한국어: CHOICEFORMAT을 이용해서 복수형 메시지 나타내기

Formatting Messages With Variable Content by John Zukowski
Technical tip. (August 2003)
한국어: VARIABLE CONTENT로 메세지 포맷하기

Internationalizing Dates, Times, Months, and Days of the Week by John Zukowski
Technical tip. (June 2003)
日本語: 日付、時刻、月、曜日の国際化

Understanding Locale in the Java 2 Platform by John O'Conner
This article describes the java.util.Locale class and its important features. (May 2003)

Using Charsets and Encodings by Glen McCluskey
Technical tip. (January 2003)
日本語: 文字セットとエンコーディングの使い方

Currency Updates in J2SE 1.4 by John O'Conner
Using the java.util.Currency class in J2SE 1.4 to combine formatting preferences of one locale with the currency of another. (July 2002)

Using the java.lang.Character Class by Glen McCluskey
Technical tip. (January 2001)

Formatting Decimal Numbers by Glen McCluskey
Technical tip. (April 2000)

Java Internationalization: Localization with ResourceBundles by John O'Conner
Exploring the types, structure, creation, and usage of Java resource bundles, this article shows you how to create a localizable program. (October 1998)

Java Internationalization by John O'Conner
Localization means global business. If you have an application with globe trotting in its future, you'll want to read this introduction to localization and internationalization. (July 1998)

Desktop Java Internationalization

Using Input Methods on the Java Platform by Naoto Sato
This article gives you step-by-step instructions on how to use input methods in your Swing text components. (Revised May 2004)
日本語: Java プラットフォームでのインプットメソッドの使用

Component Orientation in Swing User Interfaces by John Zukowski
Technical tip. (September 2003)
한국어: 스윙 유저 인터페이스에서 컴포넌트의 방향성(COMPONENTORIENTATION)

Enterprise Java Internationalization
Mobile Java Internationalization

Server-Supported Internationalization of Wireless Java Applications by Jon Ellis
This paper describes how to internationalize and localize Java technology based wireless enterprise applications and helps developers apportion internationalization work between the client and the server. (April 2003)