Release Notes

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The Java Platform, Standard Edition 6 Development Kit (JDK 6) is a feature release of the Java platform. It contains new features and enhancements in many functional areas.

See the following links to release information about enhancements, changes, bugs, installation, runtime deployment, and documentation. Release Notes files are located on our website only and are not in the documentation download bundle, unless otherwise noted.


New Features and Enhancements Installing Java SE (All Platfoms)
Java SE 6, Platform Name and Version Numbers (also in docs bundle) Installing Plug-in for Linux
  Installing Plug-in for Solaris
Compatibility with Previous Releases  
Font Requirements for Solaris JDK README (also in JDK/JRE product bundle)
Supported System Configurations JRE README (also in JRE product bundle)
Known Bugs and Issues Documentation Index (also in docs bundle)
Update Release Notes (Fixed Bugs and Changes in Update Releases)
Submitting a Bug Report and Available Support Options Copyright and License Terms for Documentation (also in docs bundle)