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About the Java Look and Feel

The Java look and feel is the default cross-platform appearance and behavior for use in all JFC-based Java applications. This page contains links to articles, specifications, guidelines and reviews on this project.

Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines

Essential information about human interface design for applications and applets written in the Java programming language.

Looking for a thorough resource on the design of effective Java-based applications and applets? Descriptions and recommendations for the use of the Java look and feel and Swing components? This book offers a comprehensive guide to standards, cross-platform delivery, accessibility, internationalization, and implementation.

Java Look and Feel Graphics Repository

A collection of toolbar button graphics designed specifically for use with the Java look and feel. They conform to the Java look and feel Design Guidelines. A set of attributes accompanying each graphic can easily be used to create Swing Actions. We hope these graphics will save you development time and enhance the end-user's experience of your product.

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