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We're Hiring! 

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Red Arrow  Use Oracle iRecruitment to search for positions in North America, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. **Search for "Java Platform Group" with quotes to find open positions on the Java Development team.   Red Arrow  Use the Oracle EMEA Recruitment site to search for positions in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Over the last 10 years Java has revolutionized the way that software is developed across the IT industry. The Java Product Group has lead this effort both developing the platform and APIs that are used by millions of developers and delivering the product releases that are installed across 100's of millions of computers and many more devices. You can be part of this as we are always looking for engineers who have a solid background in all aspects of software development, and have an interest in their efforts being used in all aspects of daily life across embedded devices, desktop applications and the mission critical software that enterprises run their business on.

Join the Java Development Team We continue to innovate on a number of fronts from creating world-class virtual machines with the latest in diagnostics and trouble-shooting technology running on the latest hardware and operating systems; to being able to efficiently run dynamic languages such as JRuby and Groovy. On the client we are working to allow developers to easily create rich, compelling, hardware-accelerated user interfaces that also support the latest web technologies; and, in the device space we are partnering with the chip and device manufacturers who are working to cut down the cost of development with Java. You will have the opportunity to develop your skills in a variety of technologies from memory management, the latest CPU/GPU architectures, network protocols, language design, installation and deployment across 1,000,000's of computers, and accessibility interfaces to quality assurance, UI design, release management and security.

Be in the center of this continued wave of development that is carried in the open at OpenJDK and in collaboration with ISVs, individual developers and various standards organizations. The Java Platform Group is developed at locations across the globe by hundreds of engineers. We are currently looking for people in the Burlington MA, Dublin, Saint Petersburg, Santa Clara CA and Stockholm.

Oracle recruiters are always searching for brilliant employees with an entrepreneurial spirit, looking for a work culture where innovation is the goal, hard work is expected, and creativity is rewarded. Oracle employees enjoy competitive salaries, excellent health benefits, and a network of like-minded colleagues that driveinnovation across the entire technology industry.

See our Careers at Oracle page for more information.

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